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How Kelly Wore It: Eye Catcher

I wore this Stardust Jumpsuit for my birthday a few weeks ago and quite honestly it gave birthday suit a whole new meaning. Stone Cold Fox really hit the nail on the head with this one. The low-V-front is sexy and the bell bottoms make it cool, while the silky material provides comfort and class that would be flattering on all different body types. Here is how I wore it!

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How April Wore It: Eye Catcher

This How We Wore It series is all about those pieces that spark conversation. You are definitely wearing an eye catcher when a complete stranger has the guts to walk up and ask you where you got something. But every time I wear an eye catcher, I hear something like this, “I love those but I can’t pull them off.” Let me let you in on a little secret. Any

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The Living In Style Instagram Giveaway

Good morning to all of our VE supporters! Today is the day we give back to Y’ALL! The VE and Womanista blogs put together a package from some of the best shops in Nashville, TN (including West Elm and Cosmetic Market) and you can win this entire package. Whoop! What an incredible package to giveaway! Right? In order to win this package, go to our instagram @velvetsedge and follow the

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Guide To Fabulous Nails

Nail color is like an accessory for an outfit. It can either be great and add a lot to your look or just wrong and really throw things off. We both love to switch up our nail color to go with different looks or moods, especially in the summertime when nails and toenails are out there for everyone to see. Here is our guide for our go-to nail colors and

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The Reasons We Still Need Girl Friends

Call us sappy, but we just love our friends. The older we get, the less time we have available. Unlike our 22-year-old-selves, our time now is split between work, babies, husbands and houses. So, when we can get together, it is highly valued time. After a girl’s night or two in the past few weeks, we both decided that no matter how old we get and what responsibilities we have,

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There is a new trend in town and it’s not the selfie, it’s the shelfie. People everywhere are taking pictures of what they have on shelves all over their houses. Although, this idea may be a little silly, I thought I should probably give it a try. Don’t knock it ’till you try it right? Here is my #shelfie from my bathroom of products I use everyday and why!  

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How To Fold a Fitted Sheet

Have you ever REALLY folded a fitted sheet before? Like really, actually folded one. For years I would attempt and end up with a semi-folded/semi-rolled up sheet that would take up half of the small amount of storage space I have. Today I am going to show you how to fold a fitted sheet!

Clothes I Want My Boyfriend To Wear (Classic)

When it comes to a woman’s wardrobe, every girl has her own style of clothes that she navigates toward. This also holds true for the guys that catch her eye. Just the other day some girlfriends of mine were raving over a new male music artist’s, new video. Any girl, any where, any time would classify this guy as out of this world hot (for the sake of not being

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Festive Fashion:4th of July

The best thing about 4th of July fashion is that it is possible to be festive and still look cool. In fact, some of the clothing can even be worn on days that aren’t celebrating our country, but just because they are cute. It’s not too late to get something awesome to wear this Friday! Here are my top picks!   1.Bag|2.Sunglasses|3.Shoes|4.Scarf|5.Tattered Tank|6.Stars and Stripes Tank|7.Shorts|8.Cape|9.Flag Halter Top|10.USA Tank HAPPY

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