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Beauty: How To Look Like a Rock Star

Look, I understand that most of you are sitting at a desk right now, going through your email and about to skip over this blog about rock star makeup because who has time for that? 5-minute makeup routine, yes, click…..rock star? I know, I know. But, I also know that everyone watched last night’s Super Bowl Half Time show and I definitely know that deep down in every woman is

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Black Out | Work Out

In the fitness fashion world there is a lot of color and pattern to go around. Sometimes the color and pattern are so cute that you can’t help but give in and buy it, but most of the time I end up wearing my black staple pieces to the gym. So today I scrolled through about 138 pages of fitness wear in order to narrow down to my top 25

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How Kelly Wore It: Winter Wrap Up

Ok, maybe I am jumping the gun, BUT let’s just pretend that the coldest days of winter are over and done with. Here’s to hoping #amiright??  That means the heavy coats can be put away and we all just need a light jacket or wrap to keep our shoulders warm. You heard me? I’m really am hoping this is the case because there is nothing more that I love than

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In the News: Shit you Should Know

Welcome back to Shit You Should Know. I’m writing this on a 5 hour flight after getting up at 6am so I hope you’re having a better morning. I considered ordering a screwdriver, but it was only 9:30 when drink service rolled through. Which brings up an important question, what is the earliest acceptable time to have an alcoholic drink? This is an important compatibility topic and should be addressed

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How to do Target decor the right way.

In my last interior post, Stop Making The Target Mistake, I addressed my take on buying a bunch of little Target decor items for your home, versus spending your money on big statement pieces. Today I want to share my favorite Target items because I actually do buy decor items from Target. I just think that certain things are worth it and other things ARE NOT, even though they look cute on

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The Best Makeup Bags & Storage

Each week when I sit down to write my beauty blog, I really try and think about the things I love and what is pertinent to the things I am loving or doing in my work that week. This week all that I could think about was bags. And by bags, I don’t mean purses, but makeup bags. Sounds dumb, I know, but seriously, it’s important. A good makeup bag is

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Fitness Friday: Medicine Ball Workout

Cold weather makes me want to hibernate and because of this I am still avoiding most gyms in Nashville. This means I have to get creative with my indoor workouts. A weighted medicine ball has been one of my best purchases  for at home training. In some workouts, it’s the only weight I use. Check out one of my medicine ball workouts below. I use a 12 lb ball, but

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Shades of Red

So if you follow VE you know I have been going minimal with my wardrobe and have only been investing in neutrals, especially black. But Valentine’s Day is around the corner SO I decided to start looking for a red dress. It’s really the only other color I like with my skin tone. Plus my mom always told me that I look good in red. She also told me that

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In the News: Shit You Should Know

Welcome back to Shit You Should Know, Snowpocalypse edition. Due to my refusal to take the weather forecast seriously, I was forced to eat eggs for every meal and lost 4 pounds last weekend. I could call it the egg diet (clever), but it really falls under the broader category of “starvation.” Regardless, my experience has led to an exciting and foolproof business plan. 1. Eat eggs. 2. Lose weight. 3. PROFIT. Super

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