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Introducing Our New Fitness Gal!

We both do our best to make sure fitness is a big part of our lives.  After all, fashion and beauty work much better when the foundation is a healthy body and mind! We are so excited to bring to you one of our friends who really makes fitness a priority AND IT SHOWS. If nothing else just looking at Olivia’s legs makes us want to stop what we are doing and

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Dancin’ Shoes

Loving these shoes by Schutz! Hot, Hot, Hot! Heels: Schutz|Nails:Essie Power Clutch    

How April Wore It : Relaxed

I am not gonna lie to you. Overalls were a stretch for me about 6 months ago when I started seeing them everywhere. I don’t fall captive to every trend but this one finally got me. I have seen them paired with crop tops, graphic prints and some other bold pieces. For me, the overalls stand out enough so I grabbed my go-to Target tank. This outfit is perfect for

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Cologne I Want My Boyfriend To Wear

A scent can say a lot about a person. In fact, a lot of  research says that a person’s scent and body odors are majorly connected to human sexual attraction. To all the boys out there reading this blog, I come today bearing gifts. Let’s make your body odor favorable. You in?   1.Tom Ford Grey Vetiver: this one is number one on the list because it is my number one.

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Party Makeup

There are certain events, or even outfits, that make me want to add a little extra oomph to my makeup. New Years Eve, birthdays, Saturday nights, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday….haha. Kidding. (kind of) As I said in the last How We Wore It Post, the Stardust Jumpsuit was my birthday suit this year. Not only was it a special occasion, but the suit itself brought up a little disco fever in

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My Favorite Hat

  Lots of you have emailed me about this hat that I have been wearing the past month or so. It is from Lovely Bird and honestly has become my favorite hat that I own. I have been wearing it tons. It ups the cool factor of even the simplest outfit immediately. I found it at Nashville’s local boutique White’s Mercantile. I know they have a new shipment coming in

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one kings lane is the jam

As a designer I check out any and every site that relates to interiors. I ACTUALLY go through every interior magazine that I have in my possession and I do the same online. One Kings Lane is by far one of my favorites. I got really excited today when I saw FREE SHIPPING for the next 9 days. Free shipping for interiors can save you hundreds of dollars. So I

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How Kelly Wore It: Eye Catcher

I wore this Stardust Jumpsuit for my birthday a few weeks ago and quite honestly it gave birthday suit a whole new meaning. Stone Cold Fox really hit the nail on the head with this one. The low-V-front is sexy and the bell bottoms make it cool, while the silky material provides comfort and class that would be flattering on all different body types. Here is how I wore it!

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How April Wore It: Eye Catcher

This How We Wore It series is all about those pieces that spark conversation. You are definitely wearing an eye catcher when a complete stranger has the guts to walk up and ask you where you got something. But every time I wear an eye catcher, I hear something like this, “I love those but I can’t pull them off.” Let me let you in on a little secret. Any

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