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Powered by Pizza

We are dying over this Powered by Pizza sports bra. Our fitness gal Olivia, is certainly powered by something. I mean look at those abs. And because of the saying, abs are made in the kitchen, we asked Olivia to share what she eats/drinks on any given day. So here you go: Olivia’s Routine In the am she goes between Syntha-6 Protein Powder and a green juice from I Love Juice Bar

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This bag! Just take a look.

I have to start with the bag because…. well look down.   So, if you have the budget for this bag, just repent in advance and buy it. It is a piece of art work, in my opinion. I received it as a gift for working on someone’s house and nearly passed out when I opened it. When you open a gift you NEVER expect to see a Chloe bag

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How Kelly Wore It: Casual Friday

As much as a I do love fashion and getting dressed up, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that on most days I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Finding the perfect tee is really a science. First and foremost it has to be soft. It also has to fit great. It also has to look put together enough to be seen in public, but also

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Picking Paint #thestruggleisreal -by VE+Womanista

If you have ever painted spaces in your home, it’s likely you have painted an entire room only to step back, take a look around and hate it. I’ve been there once or twice and seriously contemplated burning my house to the ground versus repainting. At any given time, I am designing between 10-15 homes, which means lots of paint color picking. I have my tried and true colors, that

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The Magic of Sheer

I’m not sure if it is just my age or my friend group, but it feels like everyone around me is getting engaged these days. This of course means lots of parties, rehearsal dinners and then an actual wedding. All events where I will need an amazing dress to feel great in. As I have been searching this summer for dresses that fit that bill, I have noticed a huge

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Fourth and French!

(Click on title to cont. reading.) Our top 10 sale items from the French Connection, Fourth of July sale. Use code 60SALE! If you are a lounger like April, buying a crop sweatshirt in the dead of summer is not a stretch. Happy Fourth!

How Kelly Wore It: Star Studded Boots

I think it’s probably safe to say that I have a shoe problem. Maybe even a little more specifically a boot problem. What can I say? I just love a cool boot. I have been eyeing this specific pair of Matisse booties for some time now and finally bit the bullet and bought them. Truth be told, I went to Nashville’s new boutique Kitty Nashville and they gave me a

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How April Wore It: Free People Wrap

This summer look is one of my faves. This top is just, straight up versatile. It can be dressed down, or you can throw on some heels and go to a cocktail party. As for the Rag and Bone BF shorts, if you are in your 30’s they are perfectly cool, long enough, and don’t squeeze on the fat that use to be muscle. I’m praying for the boyfriend trend

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How Kelly Wore It: Sleeveless Trench & Blue Suede Shoes

The only consistent problem I have with summertime dressing is knowing how to properly layer. It’s ridiculously hot outside and then when I walk inside anywhere it’s like playing a game of freeze out….so cold. I love this sleeveless trench by River Island because it gives me a little extra layering, but because it is sleeveless it is still definitely a summer piece. I added the blue suede shoes for

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