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Olivia’s Five Month Secret

We have been holding onto a big secret at Velvet’s Edge, but it’s time to let you all in on it. I am 5 months pregnant! My doctor told my husband and me that it would be hard for us to get pregnant for various reasons. So you can imagine that we were shocked, surprised and so happy when we found out we were pregnant so quickly! Morning sickness generally hits

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How April Wore It: April

Denim tops are everywhere, on every fashion blog. But I always have a hard time finding a denim top that doesn’t look boxy. So when I found this Frame top with a wrap belt I decided to spend the money because it made me look less boxy. Because of the price I linked some more affordable options for you guys. Most sites having free shipping, so I usually will buy

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In the News: Shit You Should Know

My apologies that Shit You Should Know is late today. I accidentally watched 10 minutes of The View this morning, and it threw my whole day off. It’s that season again! The season for rain and snow and the urgent desire to quit life and move to the Caribbean? YES! THAT ONE. But on a more realistic note, it’s also the season for Girl Scout cookies. Maybe thin mints won’t

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All Black Kitchens, yes please.

I have been designing long enough to see a white on white kitchen (like the one I designed for myself) and think ….. meh. White kitchens ARE what most people are comfortable with, especially in the South, but when I’m designing an all white kitchen I have to really stretch my creativity for it to look any different than the millions of all white kitchens on Pinterest. I’m starting to

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Beauty: How To Look Like a Rock Star

Look, I understand that most of you are sitting at a desk right now, going through your email and about to skip over this blog about rock star makeup because who has time for that? 5-minute makeup routine, yes, click…..rock star? I know, I know. But, I also know that everyone watched last night’s Super Bowl Half Time show and I definitely know that deep down in every woman is

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Black Out | Work Out

In the fitness fashion world there is a lot of color and pattern to go around. Sometimes the color and pattern are so cute that you can’t help but give in and buy it, but most of the time I end up wearing my black staple pieces to the gym. So today I scrolled through about 138 pages of fitness wear in order to narrow down to my top 25

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How Kelly Wore It: Winter Wrap Up

Ok, maybe I am jumping the gun, BUT let’s just pretend that the coldest days of winter are over and done with. Here’s to hoping #amiright??  That means the heavy coats can be put away and we all just need a light jacket or wrap to keep our shoulders warm. You heard me? I’m really am hoping this is the case because there is nothing more that I love than

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In the News: Shit you Should Know

Welcome back to Shit You Should Know. I’m writing this on a 5 hour flight after getting up at 6am so I hope you’re having a better morning. I considered ordering a screwdriver, but it was only 9:30 when drink service rolled through. Which brings up an important question, what is the earliest acceptable time to have an alcoholic drink? This is an important compatibility topic and should be addressed

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How to do Target decor the right way.

In my last interior post, Stop Making The Target Mistake, I addressed my take on buying a bunch of little Target decor items for your home, versus spending your money on big statement pieces. Today I want to share my favorite Target items because I actually do buy decor items from Target. I just think that certain things are worth it and other things ARE NOT, even though they look cute on

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