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How Kelly Wore It: Rips and Red

You know those outfits that really may not have that much to them, but that just make you feel good? This is that outfit for me. Not sure why- essentially it is just a tank top and jeans- but there is just something about it. When I was wearing it, I felt comfortable, but also a little sassy. It was like I could have have worn it all day and

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How April Wore It: Steeplechase, Nashville

This past weekend was Steeplechase, a horse race, in Nashville. Before I get in to what I wore I want to demonstrate, via video, why I love to go: See. I also love to put an outfit together for this event. I always look for a dress that I can wear to a wedding throughout the summer season and for comfortable wedges that I can wear on a daily basis.

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Beach Body Workout

Well, it’s that time of year again. Swim suit season. Don…..don….donnnnnnn…… A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with our pal, Amy, from The Bobby Bones Show about getting ourselves ready to put our suits on. Is it just us or are swimsuits getting smaller and smaller these days??? Swim wear companies must be REALLY saving some money on materials! Honestly, I can feel in shape and then you

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How April Wore It: Staples

This outfit is basically a compilation of my favorite pieces. Long vests are kind of my thing right now. I love them because you can jazz up a simple dress or throw on over your favorite  tee. Ripped jeans are also another regular for me these days but I hate when they are ripped all the way up your leg. Mainly because when I sit down it looks like fat

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How We Wore It: Nomad Collective x J&HP

We recently did a shoot with one of our fave photographers here in Nashville, Brooke Morgan. Brooke recently launched an amazing interiors site called  Nomad Collective that we are both huge fans of and that April has even used in designing some of her homes. Since we all love fashion, it was really exciting to hear that Nomad partnered with local Nashville clothing designer, J&HP, to collaborate on some fashion pieces.  Brooke

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Red Carpet Look For Less

It feels like it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a post here on Velvet’s Edge and may I just say that it’s so good to be back! April and I have both been traveling monsters. I was gone for almost a week at the Academy of Country Music Awards (ACM’s) in Dallas, TX, while April was shopping away for clients and new interior trends at Highpoint Market. We

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How Olivia Wore It: Spring Nike

Outdoor workout weather is finally here! Loving these new shorts by Nike-paired with the cutest anorak that is perfectly light weight for being outside. Here is how I wore it! (click on images below to shop these items) – Olivia  

My Home!

I fell in love with interior design at a young age. I really don’t know how this happened, as I was not raised in a gorgeous home nor was I raised by a mom who loved to decorate. My reality was growing up with the most hard working, strongest, loving, single mom, who worked three jobs. Yes, three jobs. If you know me, this explains A LOT. Her last concern

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5 Things Giving Me Life Right Now

I think all of us go through times of extreme busyness. I have been going through one of those times. In fact, last weekend I found myself feeling like a ton of bricks collasped on my chest and the weight of the world was on my shoulders. Makes for some pretty heavy lifting when you are even doing simple things like getting out of bed. For me this always goes

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