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My Home!

I fell in love with interior design at a young age. I really don’t know how this happened, as I was not raised in a gorgeous home nor was I raised by a mom who loved to decorate. My reality was growing up with the most hard working, strongest, loving, single mom, who worked three jobs. Yes, three jobs. If you know me, this explains A LOT. Her last concern

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5 Things Giving Me Life Right Now

I think all of us go through times of extreme busyness. I have been going through one of those times. In fact, last weekend I found myself feeling like a ton of bricks collasped on my chest and the weight of the world was on my shoulders. Makes for some pretty heavy lifting when you are even doing simple things like getting out of bed. For me this always goes

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How April Wore It: Anthropologie

I don’t wear shorts on the reg but the rest of this outfit is a daily staple for me. With interior design, I am usually on some sort of construction site or climbing a ladder. So heels and uncomfortable clothes are not an option for my day to day life. This shirt is everything. I have two just in case something happens to one of them. And if you follow VE

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Festival Days

I wish I was cool enough to go to a festival but the reality is, I’m just not. I don’t like to sweat and feel dirty for more than an hour, so that sort of hinders me from being a festival girl. However, I am a music lover and huge fan of festival wear.  So in honor of Coachella starting this weekend, I wanted to share my fav festival wear.

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Transition Pieces: How To Get From Winter to Spring/Summer

The weather outside has gone from being frightful to tolerable, even pleasant, here in Nashville. Thank God for that. I really didn’t know if I could handle much more of this icy, too long winter. Although it has warmed up quite a bit, we are still having snaps of chill, especially after the sun sets. It can be really hard to dress for days like these. The key is layering,

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How Olivia Wore IT: Spring Workout

This could be THE PERFECT workout outfit for Spring. I am loving this top. If you take a yoga or barre class, where you don’t sweat a ton, you can easily throw on some high-waisted jeans and head to a casual dinner. And if you’re not a fan of loud, colorful prints, these grey and black Nike pants are interesting but neutral. (click images below to shop this outfit) –

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How Kelly Wore It: Fun Summer Dress

I am not a girly girl, so when it comes to dresses I either love them or hate them. This one, I love. Such fun colors on top and comfortable on bottom.. Doesn’t get much better than that for summer! Here’s how I wore it: Saylor ‘Cait’ Dress|Dolce Vita Haku Booties|Staring At The Stars Scout Panama Hat|Essie Nail Polish in Licorice

A Sneak Peak Into April’s Kitchen.

Today I am gonna let you into a little part of my home. I’m not going to pretend like I cook in here because I don’t. I can cook a mean pot of spaghetti but that’s about it. But my fiancé does. His passion is cooking so we have some great cookware. I at least got to pick out the colors and the dishes. I picked less expensive dishes and

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How Kelly Wore It: Black and White Stripes

I love the idea of this short sleeve denim jacket. It still provides a little coverage and layering, but it’s too hot for the upcoming warm months. It also pairs perfectly with the hot spring trend of black and white, like this cute little number by French Connection. Here’s how I wore it: Genetic Denim Short Sleeve Jacket|French Connection Dress|Dolce Vita Booties|Spring Street Coil Bracelet with Tassel|Hello/Goodbye Clutch|Sunglasses (old) find

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