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How Kelly Wore It: Star Studded Boots

I think it’s probably safe to say that I have a shoe problem. Maybe even a little more specifically a boot problem. What can I say? I just love a cool boot. I have been eyeing this specific pair of Matisse booties for some time now and finally bit the bullet and bought them. Truth be told, I went to Nashville’s new boutique Kitty Nashville and they gave me a

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How April Wore It: Free People Wrap

This summer look is one of my faves. This top is just, straight up versatile. It can be dressed down, or you can throw on some heels and go to a cocktail party. As for the Rag and Bone BF shorts, if you are in your 30’s they are perfectly cool, long enough, and don’t squeeze on the fat that use to be muscle. I’m praying for the boyfriend trend

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How Kelly Wore It: Sleeveless Trench & Blue Suede Shoes

The only consistent problem I have with summertime dressing is knowing how to properly layer. It’s ridiculously hot outside and then when I walk inside anywhere it’s like playing a game of freeze out….so cold. I love this sleeveless trench by River Island because it gives me a little extra layering, but because it is sleeveless it is still definitely a summer piece. I added the blue suede shoes for

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How April Wore It: French Connection/River Island

So I know a lot of our readers would probably not wear a crop sweatshirt with a skirt. It’s a little different. So don’t feel out of date if you are thinking that you would never walk out of the house in something like this. I actually questioned it myself and decided, eff it, I like it, and I’m wearing it. For our more conservative gals, this French Connection crop

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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is coming up on June 21. I don’t know why this is, but I really struggle every year with what to get my dad on Father’s Day. Mine is pretty tricky, because his birthday is actually June 18th. Double gift whammy. Of course like most dads he doesn’t ever even want me to give him a gift, I think he’s just as content with a card or a

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How Olivia Wore It: Nike and Powerbeats

By now, you know my love for Nike and the Nike Women concept. I stay pretty up to speed on anything coming out with the infamous swoosh logo, and I am always impressed. I know you guys will love these Nike shoes because the day after I got them I got a text from April letting me know that she didn’t want to steal my shoes, but she had to

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How April Wore It: Color Blocking

Color blocking today in this dress that is 40% OFF. Yep, 40% off. This is the perfect summer dress. Throw it on with flats for a girls dinner or wear it to a wedding event. It is super sleek and colorful and I don’t really do color well. So snatch it up while it’s available.   (click on images below to shop)

How Kelly Wore It: Overall Dress

I’m not the biggest dress person out there. I’m definitely more of a jeans and tee-kind of gal. However, sometimes I will find a dress that is a little different or just-not frilly enough for me to like it. I think this overall dress by Frame is really cute and definitely a different twist on your typical summer dress. As per usual, I also added some fringe to make my

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Happy Sunday¬†VE readers! Even though the weather has been a bit overcast as of late, there is just something about summertime that has me wanting a new pair of sunglasses. Over the past week, I’ve started¬†looking through sunglasses and decided to share a few of the shades that I’m debating between. Hope you enjoy! (click on images below to shop)