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Setting the table with West Elm!

After the inviting, the grocery shopping, the cooking – let me repeat, the cooking- it is hard to do a Thanksgiving table setting and then turn around and start planning for Christmas. That is why we are going to show you how to set the table for the winter season in 5 quick steps. 1. Get your staples. Candles, flowers, plates, napkins and silverware are all the staples that you need

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Holiday Fashion Looks For Less

KELLY Personally I am not a classic dress kind of gal. I like to shake things up and do things a little differently. When I saw this Derek Lam jumpsuit, I was immediately obsessed because to me it does just that. It’s a twist on the classic combo of black and white tuxedo however, the fit and fact that I am a girl wearing a menswear inspired look make it

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The Season of Entertaining!

Nashville is a huge holiday party city, so we partnered with two other Nashville fashion bloggers (Womanista and The Vogue Trip), as well as, West Elm Greenhills, TN to bring you a little holiday cheer this week. Today it is all about what 4 girls with completely different tastes would wear to a holiday party. Crop tops, rompers, comfy flats, the highest heels of all time, gorgeous tops and and

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How Kelly Wore It

As I told you guys last week, I have basically borrowed our photographer’s leather jacket for a month. Thanks Ash! Since I know she wanted that puppy back, I finally took the plunge and bought my own……and now I have a new uniform. I’m in love. This will be it’s VE debut, so everyone please give a warm welcome to my new leather jacket by Veda. Also by my side

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Holiday Party Makeup

Holiday season is fast approaching. Of course we will be posting lots of gift ideas and festive looks for all your holiday gatherings, but I also couldn’t forget about the makeup. A festive outfit calls for festive makeup. Here are three of my favorite ways to make holiday makeup match the party season: 1.Wear a dark lip I think a bold lip color is always a  great way to spice

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How April Wore It: Winter White

There are snow flurries in Nashville today so why not blend in. I am usually a -black wearing type of girl- in the winter months. But, I am in love with my new sweater and am partial to pairing it with lighter leggings. Of course you can throw this sweater on with black leggings and boots and it would be just as pretty. (click title above to continue reading)

7 Tips for a Stylish Home

1. Add Pop with Pillows. Layer pillows based on scale and color. Go for neutrals, with a pop of color, and have a mixture of small printed patterns and solids, as well as medium and large printed patterns. Fill pillows with down for a more relaxed look.  2. Turn Books into Decor. Remove book covers to add a bit of style by showing off the natural binding. To fill out the

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VE Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry Edition

It is officially “gifting” season. This is my favorite time of the year, BUT it can also be crazy stressful. So let us help you with our VE gift guides. This jewelry edition is the perfect gift for a friend, your mom, or your significant other. Bracelets and necklaces are the easiest gift you can purchase because you don’t have to worry about size. It is also a great gift

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Saks of Sales

April was on vacation last week. I wasn’t really expecting to hear from her too often, so when I got a call Thursday morning I was pleasantly surprised. We chatted for a bit about what she had been up to, how amazing the beach was, yadi yada, and then she dropped a bomb on me. She had come across a Saks Fifth Avenue and they were having a 40% off

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