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Fitness Friday: 20 Minute Dumbbell Workout

This week all of the VE girls are at Rosemary Beach for April’s bachelorette (full report to come.) So we purchased some 10 and 15 pound dumbbells from the nearest Target and asked Olivia to put together a quick full body workout for our weekend away. We are all scheduled to do this Saturday morning, so pray for us. Out of all the fitness gear Olivia owns, these leggings are

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Faves From Around the Web

1. The Box of Style is a curated fashion box by the one and only Rachel Zoe. They sell it so get on the winter box list. 2. 70’s style pants that we are drooling over. 3. For $5, a freelance Shyp person will come to your door and pickup everything you want to ship. #genius 4. Gift ideas or just a cool site for your guy.

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How To Style Your Coffee Table

As someone who is working on 20 homes at any given time, I have really dropped the ball on bringing you guys all I’ve learned as an interior designer. First, let me confess that I am not hoarding my knowledge, I’m actually a little nervous sharing on this topic. Expressing my thoughts on fashion is simple. I share what I like. Sharing my craft and career feels a little more

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In the News: Shit You Should Know

Welcome back to Shit You Should Know. Today’s theme is gratitude and perspective. No seriously, keep reading. This won’t be lame I promise. Two women in Saudi Arabia registered to vote this week, making them the first female registered voters in the country’s history. While this is one giant leap for womankind, women in Saudi Arabia still need a male family member’s permission to do all the shit we complain about–like work,

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Instagram Life: From Kelly

What is Instagram Life? SO basically this new series, Instagram Life, is our way of taking our favorite moments from the past few weeks from Instagram and expanding on that moment . In other words, it’s pretty much our way of not becoming those annoying people who posts innappropriately long Instagram captions. For example: This was one of my favorite moments from the past few weeks. My caption for this

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Trending In Fashion: The Shirt Dress

We’ve heard about the rise of the shirt dress for a few months now, but it wasn’t until a recent shopping excursion that we both realized this trend is HOT and it’s definitely making a bold statement through the fall. Every major store or clothing website is selling some version of the shirt dress right now. It is literally a trend that cannot be avoided. So, we think it’s best

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Fitness Friday: Fitness Shopping Made Easy

Our resident VE fitness gal, Olivia, has a few go to brands when it comes to her fitness lifestyle. Carbon 38 is now at the top of that list. If you have never heard of Carbon 38, it is a site that carries the who’s who of fitness brands, think Shopbop or Revolve of the fitness world. Things we love about Carbon 38: 1. Variety. As we mentioned above, Carbon

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Faves From Around The Web

1. Latest denim obsession. We’ll take one of everything. 2. Best chill playlist to work or relax to. 3. Best iPhone case and wallet combo. 4. Khloe Kardashian’s Fitness closet revealed. #crazy 5. Printed books of your instagram feed. 6. Favorite Etsy lighting shop. Lucent Light Shop  

In The News: Shit You Should Know

Welcome to the very first Velvet’s Edge news and entertainment column. We haven’t designated an official name yet but I’m unofficially calling it Shit You Should Know.   To the shit!   Josh Duggar is in deep. After admitting to molesting his teenage sisters as a teen himself, TLC cancelled his family’s show 19 Kids and Counting. But according to Gawker, Josh has been paying for an account at Ashley

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