The Ultimate Hangover Kit

I think a little post-pandemic partying is probably on a lot of people’s minds this summer. I know we are a bit out of practice and probably really ready to throw down, but let’s not get to freshman year of college and forget that most of us probably can’t quite a party as we used to without feeling the major effects of drinking. In case the call to party is just screaming, the VE team and I put together the perfect kit to help keep you from getting a hangover or help you survive any that may take place. This is not the first time you’ve seen me talk about Activated Charcoal pills for a hangover relief. Check out a post where the VE team and I broke down the benefits of Activated Charcoal here. I also have another post about caring for that post-drinking look here.

Shop my hangover essentials below!

Use these items to create a personalized hangover remedy kit.


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