VE Mini-sode Recap: Before & After Pics of Botox & Filler by Keri Claudel

I have done two Velvet’s Edge podcast mini-sodes now with cosmetic nurse, Keri Claudel- one on botox and one on filler. You guys have had lots of questions for Keri, so I’ve been referring people to her Instagram @thenashvillebeautygirl for those! I also thought it may be beneficial to see some pics of her work and what both botox and filler can do for the face. It’s fascinating to me.

I will also say, I’m not suggesting anyone needs any of this stuff to be beautiful. I think it’s all personal decision and everyone should just do what makes them feel their best!

Keri talked about the different kinds of filler in our mini-sode, here are some examples of what the different kinds look like:

Volbella, used to even out uneven lips:

This client (below) of Keri’s had a few things done: Botox, nasolabial and mid-cheek Juvederm (filler), Volbella (filler) to lips and a TCA chemical peel. I personally love seeing how subtle and natural these results look. Just goes to show how important it is to find a great injector! 

Voluma (filler) used to help with a recessed chin and botox brow lift to open up face

Juvaderm and Volbella Mix for Lip Filler Juvaderm to folds, lip balance to even each side out, jowl and chin support

For more deets, you can listen to our mini-sodes about botox and filler wherever you listen to podcast! Just search ‘Velvet’s Edge.’ If you guys have any more questions, message Keri on Instagram @thenashvillebeautygirl.


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  1. Thank you for this podcast with Frank. I love love love him and have wanted to ask him all of these questions in my sessions. He’s is so amazing, his energy is just unreal, I want to spend a day a week with him or get drunk and cry with him.
    Thank again!

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