How To Trim Your Hair In Quarantine

Well, our beauty routines have all shifted a bit in this social isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. I’ve got hair extensions falling out, lash extensions going crazy, grey roots and worn off botox. Although this time has truly made me ask myself, what is really important? It has also made me feel a bit blah. I’m a firm believer in looking good also being a part of feeling good, so I’m doing what I can at home to maintain the things I can. I decided to give the front parts of my hair (bangs and the parts that surround my face) a little trim to give it a little life. If you feel up for the challenge, I do recommend ordering a pair of sheers (hair cutting scissors), I linked mine below. Kitchen scissors just won’t do the same thing and may damage your hair. I also recommend going lightly! start small with your cuts. You can always cut more, but you can’t add hair back on! I linked all of the products I used below. The pics at the end of the video are before and after styling. You will notice how long and heavy my bangs are at the beginning of the video.

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