The Unexpected Fashion Trend of 2021

Headscarves have become fashion’s most unexpected trend of 2021. It’s an accessory almost as old as time – history has seen women across cultures, religions, and the globe wear some version of a headscarf, but its stance as an in-demand fashion item comes and goes. And as of the autumn/winter 2021 collections, it would very much seem that it’s back.

Now, how do you style it?

A trendy way of sporting a scarf is through the headband style. This often involves tying the scarf around your head and finishing it with a bow or knot. There are a few ways to do this, and it helps if you have a larger scarf. Luckily, this option doesn’t need any extra clips or accessories to hold it down. Simple is always best!

Bandana styles are wrapped around the head and tied. Fold the scarf in half, so it forms a triangle, and tie it over your head with the long, folded edge on your forehead.


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