How To Deal With Your Hair In The Summer Heat

Melting makeup and sweat-stained clothes aren’t the only struggles that come with humid summer weather.  I don’t know about you guys, but as somebody with relatively long hair and enjoying being outdoors in the summer, it’s almost impossible for me to wear my hair down on these hot, hot summer days. Seriously, hair down on a hot and humid day feels like I’m wearing a blanket over my shoulders and adding about 10 degrees of heat to my body. And so, to expand our summer hairstyles outside of the standard top-knot, today I wanted to provide some summer hair inspiration that’s quick, easy and doesn’t require you to use any heat tools on your hair. 

The best part about these looks is that they aren’t apparent attempts at keeping your sweaty hair as far away from your equally sweaty skin. Instead, they are cute looks that’ll get complimented for their chicness as opposed to their practicality. Fashion doesn’t have to be a pain, and summer doesn’t have to be sweaty.

Below we linked hair accessories and style inspiration to beat the heat! The ’90s are still a significant fashion inspiration in 2021, as we can see with these scrunchies and banana clips. We are here for the throwback styles! I also have a previous post about headscarves, check that out here.

For tutorials of each style, click the picture!

Messy Bun

Slicked Back Ponytail

Half Bun







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