The Anti-Aging Trick Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez Swear By

This year I have really upped my skin care game and started focusing on how I’m taking care of my skin. I’ve done multiple Velvet’s Edge Podcast mini-sodes with cosmetic nurse, Keri Claudel, about different methods used to fight anti-anting, to tweak certain features on the face and now how to tighten skin and get rid of sunspots and redness with lasers. I let Keri break me into the world of lasers last week using an IPL laser to get rid of some sun damage I have and also a little redness.

Here is a video of all of the things we did!

Also, here are some great articles Keri sent me of how different celebrities use lasers……meaning people like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez. Basically I feel like, yep, I’ll have what they are having please. Find those articles here  and here.

For more info on lasers from Keri, listen to my latest VE mini-sode, just search ‘Velvet’s Edge’ wherever you listen to podcast! Also, check Keri out on Instagram for more beauty tips and send her messages with any questions @thenashvillebeautygirl!

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  1. Love your podcasts! Just be careful with IPL for melasma, specially. I’ve been told by my dermatologist never to do IPL on my face because it can make melasma way worse! Just for what it’s worth!!

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