Three Tips To One-Tone Dressing

Tonal dressing is not necessarily a new trend to fashion, however it is having a major moment right now and has been my favorite trend to apply to outfits for myself and my clients. I have yet to find a trend for spring that comes across as both chic and as effortless as this one.

What is tonal dressing, you ask?

Tonal dressing is dressing from head-to-toe in multiple shades of the same color or sporting the same hue from top to bottom (which would be a more full monochromatic look).

An example would be this outfit I wore last week in LA:

Find Jeans here

Very Cavallari Tonal Interview Look:

I’ve also gotten so many questions about my tonal interview look from Very Cavallari this season.

The pants are sadly last season from Zara. They have some other fun printed chinos though. Check their site for deets.

Tips I’ve learned:

  1. Use various shades of the same color. While I do love a full monochromatic look as well, I think it can be a little harder to pull off. Find the color you want to start with and use different shades of that everywhere else. If you go hot pink pants, use a light pink top and purple jacket. You see? That may be an extreme example, but worst case scenario, pull out the color wheel and pick your shades that way.
  2. Mix prints. As you can see in both looks I wore, I wore things of the same color family and in both cases mixed in animal print. I find that using a print in some capacity breaks up the color and gives it an interesting flare. 
  3. If the tonal part scares you, start with neutral tones. While looking extremely chic, the matching nature of tonal dressing does not feel as extreme if the tones are neutral.

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  1. I have been searching for these exact booties everywhere ! I am from a Prov, RI and I literally went to New York on a hunt to find these ! Where did you get these ?? This girl is desperate LOL. Your style is one that I admire, truly. Amazing.

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