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Yesterday I posted a video of my Mink Pink bathing suit from the pool in Vegas. I got a lot of messages after that about what kind of workouts I do to stay in shape and get ready for bikini season.

For me, working out is therapeutic. I need that 30 minutes or hour, to put my phone down, move my body, release tension and sweat. It doesn’t always matter what I’m doing, it’s more about moving. However, from an aesthetic stand point, I find that my body responds better and more quickly when I switch up my workouts and do multiple things, versus just doing one type over and over. Here is the breakdown of what that looks like and how I get my workouts in when I travel!


I try to work out 3-4 times a week. When I am in town, I love doing classes of some kind because I think it pushes me to do more than I would otherwise. My favorite spots in Nashville are Pure Barre and Shed Fitness when I’m feeling like really pushing myself.

Barre Classes

I like Pure Barre because it burns like crazy and tones my muscles in that lean way we all like to be toned. It is also easy on my joints. I feel like when I consistently do Pure Barre, both my arms and stomach are in the best shape they can get in.


I personally love a spin class. For me they are like therapy if you go to the right place. Lately in Nashville, I’ve been going to Full Ride Cycling. It is a new studio that my favorite instructor just opened. I seriously feel so empowered and calm when I leave a spin class. It also makes my butt look good, so count me in.


There are two ways that I do pilates. I throw these into my workouts when I feel bulky and want to slim out my muscles. Sculpt House is a new gym in Nashville that does 25 min of pilates on a reformer and 25 min on a curve treadmill for running. I have never done this combo before I was introduced to Sculpt House, but I love it.

I also just love to do Pilates in the mix of my other workouts. Again it builds the long lean muscles and it also gives me the stretching I need to keep my joints and spine in a healthy place. I go to Pilates Garage in Nashville

Shed Fitness

Shed it circuit training. It’s pretty intense and leaves me feeling very accomplished. It is a great overall workout if you are in Nashville, but elsewhere it would be just like adding in a boot camp class of some sort.

At home or travel workouts:

So, like I said, I switch all of those classes up. On a good week I would do all three of those places and really get my body working. That is not always realistic, so when I am needing a quick workout at home or when I’m traveling and on the road I love to do videos by Tracy Anderson or follow the workouts that Brittany Farrar built for me in blog post on Velvet’s Edge!

Tracy Anderson

This is similar to a Pure Barre or Pilates type workout. I have her mat DVD (Click the pic below to shop) and just bring it with me when I am traveling. You can do it anywhere and it builds those long lean muscles we all like.

Velvet’s Edge Fitness Post

I specifically asked one of my favorite trainers in Nashville to build these workouts for me that are quick (sometimes under 30 minutes) and that I can do anywhere. I really use them most when I am traveling like crazy and need something to do in my hotel room or a hotel gym. You can find tons of workouts under the ‘Fitness’ tab on the velvetsedge.com homepage. These are my favorite two: click here for her 20 min HIIT workout; click here for her beach body workout with videos!

Hope this helps! I think the most important thing for me is consistency and committing to 3-4 times a week regardless of how busy I am. Comment below with any questions!


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  1. Hey Kelly! First off I love your blog and podcast! I am a huge fan of Bobby Bones and I love ur style when you dress him and Amy. I can’t wait for more episodes to come out in your podcast!
    Do you have places or websites you like to shop from that are somwhat budget friendly? I love your style but I also love in a small town so online shopping is sometimes easier for me versus getting to nashville. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Cara!! Thank you for the love 🙂 I shop everywhere…I don’t really have specific places I just kind of start and end up going down the rabbit hole but I always add to my Shop Page here on the blog when I find things I like. I update almost daily so always check there! Hope this helps

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