Burner for the Bikini Bod

I have so much travel coming up this next month, but really want to stay in shape while I’m gone. Since it is getting close to bikini season, I asked our fitness friend, Brittany Farrar, to put together some workouts for me to do on the road that I can do in any gym or hotel room. Both of these workouts are the perfect burner for our bikini bods…And require minimal equipment. Check them out!

Core Blast

How To:

Grab a light set of weights and GET.TO.WORK

The Workout:

30 seconds low boat with pulses

10 reps each side reach with side crunch

30sec. figure 8s

15 suitcase sit-ups

*Note: all moves can be modified without using weights. I always try new moves without weight to perfect form, then I’ll add gradually!

Band Burner for the Bikini Bod?

How To:

Perform each move for 1 full minute with 30 seconds rest between.

Repeat 3x

*Note: For single-leg moves, switch to the other leg 30 seconds in. It is totally OK to do this workout without the band, too! You’ll feel it

The Workout:

Bench hops

Push-ups with leg raise

Frog-hop w/ walkup

Single leg tricep dips

Single leg glute bridge

Britt’s outfit linked below. Click pics to shop!


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