Very Cavallari Looks: Episode 2, Palm Springs

This week on Very Cavallari, you guys saw us travel to Palm Springs to be a part of Kristin’s Uncommon James video shoot. I think it goes without saying that we always have a lot of fun together, but if you watched this week’s episode you saw us get a little more real and dive into some deeper stuff with my past dating life and also broken engagement. If you haven’t seen the episode, you can watch the replay on E! or for the full story. It’s definitely the most vulnerable I’ve ever been publicly and I’m really happy to have received so many emails and messages after hearing that it’s helped some of y’all with your personal experiences. Here are the outfits I wore during Very Cavallari: Episode 2!

DP Hue House & drive to Palm Springs with Kristin:

Uncommon James video shoot:

Pics with Kristin and I’s friend Stephanie Biegal (Biegs)

Dinner Look:

I took this pic in boots and a hat, but ended up swapping the boots for a strappy heel and the hat for a braid, as you saw on the show. This exact look is no longer available, but I found multiple super similar options, linked below!

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