10 Things I Am Taking Into The New Year

Over the last month, I have really paid attention to the things that I want to leave behind me in 2019 and also the things I want to keep moving forward with me into 2020. These can be big things like people. relationships, mindsets, etc or it can be small things like my favorite makeup or vintage tee. More to come on some of the bigger things I am learning in the monthly “Velvet” post, where I talk about the more spiritual/internal beauty things I am experiencing in life. (find the first post here). In this post, however, I wanted to put the top 10 things I just truly feel like I cannot walk into 2020 without. They are the things I use on a daily basis or that somehow make my life easier/better. Click the pics to shop!


Bulletproof Coffee

I have said it before and I will say it again: if you are not a morning person or struggle with focus throughout your day, this coffee concoction will be a game-changer for you. Find the recipe and full post on why I love Bulletproof coffee here.

Felt Letter Board

I have had this board in my last place and now brought it with me to my new house. Last year it read: Be a Badass. That was my motivation and reminders on many days to keep working hard and staying strong through some hard shit. This year, I decided to change it to read: Good Vibes Only. It’s not a new saying by any means, but it’s the mentality I want for myself this year in 2020. If you are gonna bring a bunch of bullshit to my life, you gots to go. I don’t have the space for that anymore. Ya heard???? Click the pic to shop and personalize your board with your vision/motivation for your year.

VE Vintage Tees

If you follow me on Instagram (@velvetsedge), you know that I started a vintage shop on velvetsedge.com this year. It has been a passion of mine for MANY years and I finally took the time to put together a place for you guys to shop some amazing vintage tees I’ve found through my travels. Shop my Vintage Tee Shop here.

Shiseido Cream Blush

This cream blush has been with me almost every day (or every day that I wear makeup) in 2019 and I am still hooked in 2020. It gives a healthy glow from within that I have not been able to accomplish with any other blush. I apply with my fingers to the apples of my cheeks and love. Find my tutorial for applying blush here.

Tom Ford Quad Eyeshadow Palette

The absolute best every day or night palette that I own. It’s the perfect neutral brown shades and looks good on multiple skin tones.

Color Wow Dream Coat

This has quickly become my favorite hair product for healthy, shiny hair. I use every time I shampoo before I dry my hair.

For The Lips

Winter wreaks havoc on my lips. I also see it with my clients. Literally their lips are peeling off, which is not a good look for camera. I LOVE things like Aquaphor and still occasionally slip up and use it because it just feels so good on my lips. However, things like that are full of chemicals and actually make you addicted so that you will keep using more and more and more. I found this chapstick in LA in a little coffee shop and it has become a staple in my house, my car, my purse, my kit. It’s all pure and organic and smells amazing. I really beat dry lips by exfoliating the dead skin off first. I like this one my Laneige.

Essie Nail Polish

My OG. My staple. I might explore things every now and again, but I always go back to her.

Frye OTK Boots

I can’t quit these boots, they are old from Frye but they continue to be in my staples many years later. These OTK boots go with everything and I get so many compliments on them every time I wear them. Frye doesn’t sell mine anymore but I found some that are very similar!

Rising Strong By Brene Brown

I have read this book once before but picked it back up this month to remind myself that we can do hard things. I think everyone goes through some sort of crash or crashes throughout their life, but it’s what we do after the crash that counts. This book is an amazing guide book for rising up after a fall and turning it into a positive for you and your life.

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