My Morning Routine: Why I Drink Bulletproof Coffee

Happy New Year everybody! I know a lot of people don’t buy into the New Year’s Resolution thing, but I personally love the start of a New Year. Not necessarily to put new rules or resolutions on myself, but to keep growing, to get a fresh start and to look at the things that I didn’t like about my past year and start moving towards the direction of change. It feels freeing to me.

So what is the deal with Bulletproof Coffee?

Last week I posted a few of my go to lunch recipes and you guys had some really great responses to that and seemed to like it. This year, one of the things I want to make a goal for VE is to open up my life more and talk about things that may seem simple to me, but are really things I’ve looked into and researched and help make my day better.

One thing I’ve talked about a lot on Instagram stories (@velvetsedge), is my new morning routine. Not to sound dramatic, but it’s literally changed my life. I’m not even joking. I am notoriously terrible at mornings. I have never been a morning person and still wouldn’t claim to be one, BUT this routine has changed my mornings completely and has made me MUCH better at being awake and functioning faster.

So, if you follow me on Instagram you have heard me talk about this Bulletproof coffee, you know that it’s a combination of Bulletproof coffee, Brain Octane oil and Ghee Butter all blended together to give me a latte type drink that is now all I consume for breakfast.

So yes, no food for breakfast. This was a crazy idea to me at first because in the past the first thing I would do when I woke up was eat a big bowl of oatmeal and drink coffee. I swore I needed it. The interesting thing about this Bulletproof is that I’m genuinely not hungry. That is because both the ghee butter and Brain Octane oil are full of healthy fats and keep you full while giving you energy. So now, I wake up, blend my Bulletproof and go to work or the gym.


Like I mentioned above, this also makes me much more pleasant in the mornings because it wakes me up. The brain octane oil is literally one of the most unfathomable products ever to me. When I say it makes me awake and alert, I don’t mean in a jittery, cracked out way. I just mean I’m focused.

#1 Bulletproof Fan

Over the Christmas break, I got my Dad on the Bulletproof train. He has major ADD and drinks SO much coffee. Like at least a pot a day. He was sold after the first few days because he said he was alert and focused and had energy and just didn’t even think about drinking more coffee. Like he could, but didn’t need it which was bizarre for such a coffee junkie. It also helped him focus and be present which he was excited for in the New Year at work.

Lastly, I should mention that I do drink the Bulletproof brand coffee when I am home. Here is why:

As you can see I’m a huge fan. Truthfully, it’s become a desert island product for me (you know, the three things you would take to a desert island if you could). I even take the travel packs with me for times when I’m gone. I will link all of the products I use below, just click the pics to shop.

Comment below if you have any questions!

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  1. Love bulletproof coffee!! Currently trying to figure out the best way to make it at the office. Do you not add the collagen? Genuinely, my favorite part of the weekend is getting to make a blended butter coffee. haha….
    P.s. Hollywood totes ripped off your style on that elevator video (which was a BRILLIANT idea btw). They definitely owe you some credit or better yet, some cash!

  2. Hi Kelly!
    Thanks for this post, I ordered all 3 (coffee, ghee,brain octane) earlier today! Question, is this is all you use in your coffee? I don’t drink mine black (I like a little Sucanaut & Califia Farms Almond Creamer) do I drink it as is or may I add my extras?
    Thanks & have a great week!

  3. Hi Kelly!! So, I was reading on a/their website that this is great for ketogenic diets. It went on and on about the keto diet. Do you have to be on a ketogenic type diet to drink this or will it work with just a regular healthy everyday kinda diet.


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