My Skincare Routine & The Products I Use

Over the last year I have really been trying to nail down a good skincare routine. I’m in my 30’s now and would just love to age gracefully :).

Here are the products I’m using and why I love them:

Skin Pharm Papaya Enzyme Cleanser

The girls are Skin Pharm are responsible for getting me hooked on certain skin procedures like micro-needling. Because they have opened my eyes to a lot of new things in the skin world, I was thrilled when they started making their own skin care products. I started using this cleanser a few months ago and the main thing I have noticed is that pores are much less visible. The ingredients are all natural and I just feel that squeaky clean good feeling after I wash my face.

Find Skin Pharm Papaya Enzyme Cleanser here.

Kojic Acid Serum

After cleansing my face in the morning I use this serum as kind of a moisturizer and brightener. Kojic Acid is used to even skin tone.

Find it here on Skin Pharm’s site.

Elta MD Sunscreen

This is my absolute favorite sunscreen for my face. It never makes me break out and comes in both a tinted and sheer option. The SPF provides great coverage without making your face greasy. I apply it after my Kojic Acid serum and before my makeup.

Find Elta MD Sunscreen here.

Neo Cutis Bio Cream

For night time I like something a little heavier to replenish my skin and help me wake up looking refreshed. This product has been a bit controversial because it is created using processed skin cell proteins. This isn’t something that changes my choice to use the product, but if you feel strongly about PSP you should be informed that Bio Cream contains it. Read about the controversy here.

Find Skin Pharm Biotherapy Cream here.

Find Neo Cutis Bio Cream here.

Neo Cutis Micro Eyes Rejuvenating Eye Cream

This eye cream is so amazing and moisturizing. It feels like heaven going onto your skin. I can literally tell a day when I don’t use it. It just completely rejuvenates my eye area.

Find NeoCutis Micro Eyes here.


Retin-A and I have a love hate relationship. I actually really hate it and how it dries out my skin, BUT every dermatologist and aesthetician swears it is the best answer to taking on aging skin. I am growing to love it and trying to up my usage. The day after I use it, I swear my skin is tighter. I am also told that your skin builds a tolerance so the drying aspect gets better over time. I prefer Refissa because it is a creamier texture than most retin-A’s and it doesn’t seem to dry me out quite as much. The tumultuous relationship continues.

Find Refissa here.

The Look Reverse Retinoid Enhanced Neck Creme

Lastly, I stopped using this for a bit and am now hooked back on it. My friend, Haley Wood at The Look Aesthetics is amazing and has a neck cream that I swear by. I am super paranoid about my neck aging and looking damaged and saggy. I ran out of this cream a few months ago and just hadn’t gotten around to ordering any more and literally noticed a difference. It keeps my neck hydrated and tightens loose skin. You can order from The Look here.

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