How To Dress For a Dressier Event In Fall

One of the hardest parts about Fall dressing can be the changes in weather throughout the day. On most days there is some change between warm during the day and cooler temps at night. On a day to day basis, jeans and a jacket or another layer are usually a good decision, but what if you need to get a little dressier?

I recently came across this problem with my client, Amy (@RadioAmy) from the Bobby Bones Show. She had a night time event in Austin, that was a step up from jeans on the dressy scale. Austin tends to be a little warmer than Nashville, but was having a small cold snap and Amy definitely needed a light extra layer.

We came up with this look, which is now one of my favorite looks for fall. I have talked about my love for kimonos before, so this trench look falls right in line with that. I love the short skirt to show a little leg, paired with a long trench to hide the back of the legs (the part all women hate) and also to give her a little more coverage from the cold temps. The leather skirt was also strategic and gave her more warmth as well.

The strappy heels could also easily be substituted for a closed toe bootie or over the knee boot for extra coverage in even colder temps.

Lastly, if you have a chance to wear this gorgeous warm brown tone this Fall, like the one on Amy’s bodysuit, do it!! It is a major trend and beautiful on most skin types.

Shop Amy’s exact look here:

If you want to mimic the look for a lower price, click these pics below to shop!

As stated above, here are strappy heels for the exact look, as well as booties AND over-the knee options that we think would pair well with the look!! 

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