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About Us

Every girl has a little Velvet and a little Edge, it all just depends on the day. This blog is a compilation of stories of life, things of inspiration and how-to's all mixed with Velvet and Edge.

Meet Kelly, the founder and creative director of Velvet's Edge...

  1. What is your day job?

    I have been a hair and makeup artist in Nashville, TN for almost 12 years now. My job now mostly consist of grooming, which basically just means hair and makeup for men. Find your niche and go with it! I do still work with some women, but my celebrity client base is occupied mostly by men. Some of my clients have included and include:

    Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Kip Moore, Kelsea Ballerini, Aubrie Sellers, Tucker Beathard, Sam Palladio, the cast of Nashville, CMT, GAC

    My work has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, US Weekly and more!

    My personal website has been under construction for about a year now (enter eye roll emoji here). I am literally the worst at keeping up with my work and also rock and roll photographers are not easy to hunt down for sending out pictures of celebs. I’m still working on updating my pics. It’s honestly super hard to put yourself and your work out there unless you absolutely love it. I’m such a perfectionist, BUT I do promise it is “Coming Soon.” 🙂

  2. What is your favorite foundation?

    Depends on the skin type and personal likes and dislikes, I wrote a blog about it! Find that here.

  3. What is your favorite mascara?

    Radial Glamolash hands down. I also recently wrote a blog about that and everything else eyelash related. Find that here.

  4. Why don’t you smile in your pictures and have you ever modeled before?

    I did model when I was younger and I DO smile in pictures!! I do think because of my modeling background, I really love to create beautiful images. I love images that convey certain feelings and a lot of times that is a place for me to channel my inner badass and kind of use it as an artistic expression. You know, sort of like how Beyonce talks about Sasha Fierce? That’s how I feel about pictures and being that sexy, bold, strong, brave women on the other side of the camera.
    I should also interject here that I do not by any means think I am Beyonce or Sasha Fierce or anything even close to that. I would never even try and speak such blasphemy. All hail Queen Bee.

  5. What about your personal life?

    I mean, can the answer be, that’s personal??? Dammit, ok….

    For a brief over view, I grew up in Louisiana and went to LSU (Geaux Tigers!). Most of my family lives in Texas or Tennessee now. I  live in Nashville. No kids. No pets. I travel too much for any of that at the moment, but working on it. Maybe. One day. Soon. Or not. But, sometime. Eventually. Maybe.

    I like to live freely.

  6. Are you the only one who writes for Velvet’s Edge?

    Velvet’s Edge has evolved so much over the years. I started the blog with another girl, April, who is an Interior Designer. April and I then brought in a fitness writer, Olivia and a news writer, Lori. Then shortly after that both April and Olivia had babies and the load of a day job and a family took over and they both decided their focus was more heavily needed there.

    Transition to today, I have recently decided to have guest contributors, who are all women I admire for some reason or another and who will each do short series in the areas of their expertise. I am super excited to bring this added element back to VE and learn from these amazing women.

  7. What does the future of VE look like?

    For me Velvet’s Edge has also been a place where I want to bring my different passions, interest and creativity. Since I am a makeup artist, there will always be an element of beauty involved, but I really want to expand that to not only mean external beauty, but also something very important to me which is growth and exploration of internal beauty and self love. I have been on an every changing journey of learning to love myself the past few years and although it isn’t always pretty, I really value the honesty and beauty in that journey. I personally need that in the social media world of perfection and cookie cutter images. That just isn’t me or what my life looks like (although of course I’ve tried to portray it that way). I’m really hoping to make Velvet’s Edge a place of honesty and beauty and exploration of all the inspiration and life in between.

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