Beauty Question: Do I Need To Wear Foundation?

As a makeup artist, I feel like the two things all people want are the perfect smokey eye and flawless skin. More smokey eye tips to come soon, but today I wanted to address flawless skin. Last week I posted a video on my 5 minute makeup routine. Find it here. In the video, one of the steps was to apply foundation over your entire face. I received a lot of emails regarding this particular step, all wondering if foundation was a necessity to achieving that flawless skin look. Here are some simple answers to the benefits and needs for foundation.

Do I need a foundation?

Here’s the thing, no, you don’t HAVE to wear foundation, especially if you have really clear skin. However, there are many benefits to foundation and the overall appearance it gives the skin. It smooths out skin, fills in fine lines and helps even out skin tone. The wrong makeup myth about foundation is that it makes you look cakey or mannequin-like. That is all dictated by the actual foundation you choose. For my favorites in both matte and dewy finishes visit the link below.

Is foundation what makes your skin so dewy?

For me it’s a combination of moisturizer and the type of foundation I use. I use Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15, literally from the drugstore. It has sunscreen in it so it does give off a natural sheen. However, I also combine that with Armani Luminous Silk Foundation which is a sheer foundation meaning the end effect is dewy and light versus matte. It’s more of a light/medium coverage foundation. Find it here.

Armani is a little pricey so if you want something with a similar effect for less try MAC Face and Body Foundation. Find it here.

What are your favorite foundations?

I actually wrote a post on this about a year ago with a full breakdown of the different foundations I liked and why. Find that post here!


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