Tulum, Mexico Vacation Tips & Breakdown

I spent last week in Tulum, Mexico and it was truly magical. I have been to a lot of different Mexican cities and I feel like it’s safe to say that Tulum is one of my faves, if not my favorite. The food was so good, it was easy to navigate, I felt safe and the beaches are beautiful. I got a lot of messages about my recommendations, so here is a breakdown of some of my favorite places we went and of course links to everything I wore!

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Accommodations: Azulik

Ok, so here is the deal with Azulik. It is super cool. It’s legit a jungle treehouse basically, so the vibe is amazing. However, I have to be honest and say that when I go to Tulum again, I don’t think I would stay here. As I said, the vibe is amazing, but to maintain the authentic jungle vibes, there is no electricity. Meaning, when the sun goes down, you have no lights. Also, each room is like a little treehouse, which is again, very cool in theory, but the bugs in the hot, humid Mexican jungle are real. It’s a thing. I definitely came home covered in bug bites. If you do choose to stay at Azulik, 100% get an ocean front room. This was the mistake I made. The rooms are a tad more expensive, but now that I have been I can see why. There is also no air conditioning here, so the ocean breeze both keeps you cool and keeps the bugs away.What I will do again is go have a drink at the rooftop bar at Azulik, called Nest. You will experience the vibe of Azulik, but then hopefully retreat back to your air conditioned hotel room elsewhere.

It should also be noted that Azulik only has bath tubs in the rooms. Not showers. I personally love this, but I know it’s an issue for a lot of people. They say they only have baths because vacations are for relaxing and not rushing. They did put rose petals in my bath each night which for me was basically heaven.

When I go back, the two places on my agenda to stay at are Sanara and Casa Malca. More to come on these later.


To me the best thing about Tulum was the food. Everything is super clean, real food.

My favorite lunch spot was a place called The Real Coconut which is located at Sanara resort. The focus of the restaurant is clean, sustainable food that promotes gut health. Love this so much. Find more about The Real Coconut here.

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Favorite Dinner Spots:

Again, everywhere I ate in Tulum was delicious, but if I had to narrow it down, my absolute favorite spots were Hartwood and Arca.If you want to go to Hartwood I would recommend reservations ahead of time as they book out pretty far in advance and it is a small restaurant. More about Hartwood here.

Arca was my absolute favorite. Great vibe and the food is insane. Definitely get the soft shell crab taco app! I’m literally salivating just remember this meal. More about Arca here.

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The main strip in Tulum’s tourist area has pretty much everything you need. We opted to stay pretty active between trips to the beach each day, so one morning we rented bikes to explore the strip that day. Most hotels looked like they had bike rentals, but if not, there are little rental shops everywhere on that road.

We also did yoga at Sanara one day in a room with an ocean view. It was magical. Besides having a beautiful layout, the vibe at Sanara is just clean and wellness based. I will definitely stay there in the future. Find more about Sanara here.

Must See:

The other place that I mentioned wanting to stay at in the future was Casa Malca. This place is also just a must visit in general because it was Pablo Escobar’s old Tulum mansion that has now been renovated into a hotel. The house was bought by a famous art dealer and the decor is a direct testament to that. There are lots of Instagram photo opps and it is a great bar to visit for a cocktail or dinner one night.

Pro Tips:

Bring BUG SPRAY. The weather in Tulum is very muggy (don’t plan on having good hair down there), so the mosquitos definitely come out at night. Load up on bug spray. As most of you know, I try to do organic where I can, but I have to say, you may need the chemicals on this one. Organic bug spray is kind of a joke in my experience. I would stock up on the OFF and call it a day.

Tulum, cannot wait to see you again!

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    P.S. I recently started eating vegetarian… modified vegan, so anywhere we can dine on some delicious veggie dishes?

    P.P.S. Your beautiful, thank you for sharing you life, and do you know where Miss Amy goes grocery shopping? JK not really ✌?❤️

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