The Lowdown on Sunless Tanner

Ideally, I love a real tan. However, it’s not always realistic to lay outside all day and get that beach or pool glow. Since I personally feel so much better about myself with some color on my skin, I am a big proponent of sunless tanner between spray tans or beach time. Here is my routine and the products that I use!


Step 1: Prep

It is important to exfoliate your body before you tan so it goes on evenly and gets that old tan off. These are my two favorites. Click the pics to shop!

Milk + Honey

Herbivore Coco Rose


Step 2: Tan

There is NO shame in a faux tan. All. Year. Long. I always hear people that are skeptical about sunless tanner for fear of being orange, but if you find a good tanner it won’t have that orange-tint and make you look like an oompa loompa. Pro tip: don’t skip the mit.

St. Tropez

This bronzing mousse is so great for everyone and rubs in perfectly. The “classic” color works for every skin tone.


This tanner is more of a lotion than a mousse and has great color

Red Carpet Go To

I carry this one in my kit for set or red carpet days. It is great and works quickly! 

Face Tanner

In the past, I did not put self tanner on my face because I didn’t want it to look funky or cause a break out, but this one doesn’t do either!

Hand Saving Mit

This will SAVE your hands from getting orange and you can toss it in the washing machine when you are done.

Step 3: Keep That Tan

Using a lotion every day helps to keep your tan and keep you moisturized.

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