design (ad)Vice: How To Incorporate Graffiti Into Your House

I love finding different and interesting ideas for design via my friend’s who think out of the box. You guys remember Brittany right? Her last post for Velvet’s Edge was the coolest take on how to incorporate smoking into your home, whether it was through a cool piece of art using cigarettes or even using old ashtrays as decor pieces throughout the house. If you missed that post, find it here.

This week, Britt is back with more awesomeness, this time in the form of graffiti. Graffiti is not just for the streets. Check out the ways you can incorporate these ideas into your home!

Brittany Forrister:

Thanks to Instagram, wall scouting is a thing and graffiti is trending. It’s time to bring the back alley into your home, with art and textiles, and give your space a sense of expression.

When it comes to your personal property – do what you want. In the spirit of spray, break the rules, embrace the out of place. Graffiti is inherently DIY so my favorite use of the art form? Grab a couple of spray cans and spray some period furniture pieces or antique portraits with your favorite word, colors or quotes.

Here are some images for graffiti inspiration, plus some available for purchase! 

Click pic to shop:

Simple words look cool written in spray pant. It immediately ups the ante on the artwork:Link to artist website to shop:

Add graffiti to decor accessories like a lampshade for a pop of cool color:To purchase:

Find more images:, @thehousepunch

Artist: @jeff_bertrand

Designer: @kendallksimmons, 

My personal favorite……fancy dining room artwork  Add graffiti on the wall of a traditional room for a perfect mix of old school and new school:-Britt

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