The Details of My Microblading Experience and What To Expect

It’s been a little over a month since I first got my microblading done and I have to tell you guys, I am in love. I will be going in for a touch up next week to finalize everything, but after I talked about the process a little bit on The Mirror Mirror podcast last week, I got tons of messages from you guys wanting to know more. To listen to that podcast, click here.

I have to just start with a before and after pic….. I mean, I honestly cannot look at those without a wide-eyed expression. It’s such a drastic, amazing difference.

So here is the low down…..

First things first, microblading is not a tattoo. I thought for so long that I would be going in to see a tattoo gun and the hairs would be applied to my face that way. In fact, microblading, is a done by a blade, duh. Not sure why I didn’t think about that, but yeah. So, it’s little tiny slices, done by blade and filled with color to give the appearance of eyebrow hair. As you can imagine, it’s not the most comfortable thing to be sliced by a razor blade. However, my girl Anastacia at Anastacia Skin Studio in Nashville, prepped me and walked me through the best way to alleviate the pain beforehand.

Here is what I did:

  1. Cut out pain medicines like advil and ibuprofen a week before the procedure. As well as any products that contain fish oil. This is simply to make the process less bloody basically. Gross, but true.
  2. BUY NUMBSKIN. This stuff is a GAME CHANGER. I applied this one hour prior to my procedure day of. That way when you go in, your brows are already slightly numb. Anastasia will add more once the procedure begins, but you want it to be slightly numb for the first pass. Find Numbskin here.

The process is kind of crazy, but I think that’s what is so important about going to someone you trust. I researched all of Anastacia’s work ahead of time. You don’t want to just see brows that the studio has done, you want before and after’s of the actual person who will be performing your microblading. I liked Anastacia’s final work and brow shape in her portfolio, so I decided she the person I would trust to essentially tattoo my face. I mean, it’s a big commitment to let someone do that, so you want to feel comfortable.I also really appreciated how technical she was with the consultation before we started and how much we discussed color and shape. I communicated my wants, which is also important, to let your artist know what you are looking for and like and don’t like. She also showed me what they would look like before she even started.

When I left, I was immediately in love. However, I have not always heard that this is the result so don’t freak out the first few days. The color can be darker and the brow shape can appear larger, especially in the first 3 days to a week. I would not suggest making big plans the day of, or even the first following days after. You don’t have to hide in your house, but you probably don’t want to do this the day before your wedding, if you get what I’m saying. Actually overall, Anastacia told me it takes a month to fully heal. I can say that has been true. My brows went through various stages. They were darker than they are now at first. They also scabbed a little bit the second week.

Once the month passed and I was fully healed, I noticed a few spots that didn’t fully take or that we missed the first time. That is why there is a touch up appointment scheduled for a month after your first procedure. Mine is next week and I can’t wait for my brows to be at their full capacity potential.

I honestly can say that microblading has changed my look. First of all it is so nice not to have to fill in my brows everyday, but even more than that, my face feels more symmetrical. I don’t feel like I have to wear as much makeup on the daily either because my brows are always done. I just pop on some concealer, mascara and lipstick and go. It’s pretty freaking fabulous. It also looks amazing in pictures.

All in all, I highly recommend microblading. I also recommend finding someone you trust.

Find Anastacia’s info here if you are in Nashville. If not, do your research!

Hope this helps! Comment below with any more questions!


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  1. Hi! How long does the microblading last? Will you have to maintain this long term or is it once and done?

    1. Hi Lyndsey! It totally depends on who you go to and probably where you live. I really have no idea but suggest asking around and making sure you talk to people who have had it done by that person to see what their brows look like.

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