The 15 Minute, Full Body Work Out You Can Do Anywhere

I posted yesterday about the recent cleanse I did and how I am really trying to get my health back on track. If you missed that, check it out here. A part of me being so busy this past year and having no time or energy has also resulted in me not working out. I have always been pretty active and played sports when I was younger, so I do typically enjoy working out, BUT when I get out of shape, it takes everything in me to force myself to get to the gym. The other problem I have is that I’m on the road a lot with my job and just either don’t have time or access to any sort of work out facility. But I’m over the excuses y’all. Ready to take charge of my health and wellness and even if it’s a quick 15-min workout in my hotel room, I’m going to do it. I sometimes just feel overwhelmed with not knowing what to do in those situations, so I have been working with Nashville based trainer, Brittany Farrar to help me figure that out. Britt is co-owner of Shed Fitness in Nashville, which is a really bad ass gym here, so I really trust her. PLUS when you see her, you will basically agree and do whatever the hell she says.

I wanted to share the love, so Brittany put together a 4 week series of different types of workouts you can do in different places. This is the first one she made for me to do when I’m traveling and just need to squeeze in something fast in my hotel room. You can do it anywhere and btw I did it yesterday and am freaking SORE today. Here is her breakdown and the workout below. Try it. You can do it!!

The 15 minute HIIT Hotel Workout:

Brittany: One of my favorite ways to keep on track with my fitness goals while traveling is to focus on high-intensity exercises. It allows me to rev up my fat-burning engine and get on with the rest of my day!

If you’re anything like me, the thought of hotel gym workout is stressful enough!  Without knowing what equipment will be offered or how packed the room will be, you’re often set up for an unplanned, waste-of-time workout.  My suggestion is to keep it simple!  This workout can be done inside your hotel room and can be finished by the time room service is delivered 😉

If you push through this workout with little to no rest, you’ll burn through those extra calories that travel tackles on in about 15 minutes! You won’t need anything besides your body weight, very little space and a whole lot of burn.

The ‘ladder’ format is very simple once you get the hang of it.  Here’s how it works…

Do exercise 1, then 1+2, then 1+2+3, and so on until you reach all 8 movements.  Rep count always stays at 10.  Aim for little to no rest until you are completely finished.  

*Note: all moves are “double count” where applicable. For instance, you only count your right leg when doing mountain climbers, jump lunges, etc.


  1. 10 mountain climbers 15 minute workout mountain climber
  2. 10 squat jumps (sink low into your squat making sure the weight is in your heels, then engage your core and jump up explosively. Try to land softly into your next rep)
  3. 10 spiders 15 minute workout spiders
  4. 10 hand-release pushups (Bend at the elbows and lower your chest all the way to the ground. d. Lift both hands off the floor, place them back on the ground, and then push yourself back up.15 minute workout pushup
  5. 10 jump lunges 15 min workout jump lunge
  6. 10 sumo squats (perform these squats with feet wider than shoulder-width apart and toes turned outwards. You’ll engage your inner thighs on this one!)
  7. 10 V-ups HIIT V-UP
  8. 10 burpees (the best for last!)

If you’re ready to take this workout to the next level, add some weight to all standing movements! This could be a set of 12lb dumbbells or a small travel bag if it’s all you have!

Brittany’s Outfit Deets, click pics to shop:

You can find Brittany at SHED Fitness in Nashville and also on Instagram here. More workouts to come from her this summer on VE. Beach body here we come!



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