Why I Am Detoxing and Details On What I Did!

I posted on my Instagram that I recently went for a detoxing weekend at We Care Spa in Palm Springs. I got a lot of messages with questions about that and almost confusion about why I would need to detox. Some people seemed confused because I am skinny, so why do I need to cleanse? So, first things first, none of the things I did or am doing are to lose weight. None. I don’t want to lose weight. I want to get healthy. Here is the gist broken down on what I’m doing, why, deets on where I went and what’s next in the detox plan:

Why I’m detoxing:

we care featureThe thought of detoxing and cleansing started for me a few months ago. I found myself going through a pot of coffee a day and still feeling so tired. No matter how much sleep I got, it was never enough. My stomach was chronically upset, I was always bloated and without going into too many details just not functioning properly. I have also been consistently sick this year, just one thing after another.  I personally don’t really love medicine, but have been on multiple antibiotics and just still really feeling like shit. I felt a little confused as to what was going on because I have had a year of personal losses and wondered if some of this was related to stress and grief. After months of grieving though, I decided something physical, not just emotional, was definitely going on so I went to see a holistic doctor and turns out I was right. Basically my adrenals were failing, my gut was super unhealthy and I had a candida overgrowth. No wonder I was tired. The culprits were probably multiple things, stress, excessive travel, diet, lack of exercise, etc.

Learning this really got my attention. My doctor, Whitney (contact here) put me on multiple supplements to get all of those things sorted out and honestly within a week I started feeling some relief and just wanted to take that even further. Realizing how unhealthy my insides were was such a wake up call to me. I suddenly became super conscious of all the shit I was putting in my body and the lack of self-care I was doing. I felt the need to stop and do a hard reset. Enter We Care Spa.

we care 2What I did:

I have a few friends who are super healthy. One of them is my friend Kristin. She eats really clean and takes care of her body naturally with food and healthy supplements. I see her skin, her energy levels, her body and it is super motivating to want to get healthy. We Care Spa was actually her idea, but as I said, I knew I needed to do something and I’m just a dive right in kind of girl.

So here is the gist on We Care Spa:

Basically you go to this place in Palm Springs (which is freaking hot this time of year btw) and they provide everything you need to do a detox on your body. The supplements, the treatment, the juices, the teas, etc. The accommodations are simple, but cozy and nice. When you get there they kind of walk you through what you will do everyday, what you will eat, what you will take and what that will do for your body. You can do a week plan, but we did a 3-day because of our schedules. I will say that once I got there I realized that my body probably needs a week to reset the way I want it to and here is why:

This weekend eliminates foods basically. So you are doing juices, pureed soup once a day, teas, detox drinks, lots of water and supplements. The no solid food was very daunting for me. Honestly my mind was like WTF? No way that’s happening. However, once I started in on it, I see why they do it that way and it actually does work.

Colonics are also a part of this little adventure. Which is always interesting for me. I have done colonics once before on a cleanse and got SUPER sick. Like imagine the worst hangover you have ever had; migraine, vomiting, body sweats, flu-like symptoms. Awful. Honestly, so freaking awful. Well that happened to me again at We Care. While I’m sure most of you are saying, ummmm then don’t do colonics??? Right? I disagree. This is why I would go a week if I could do it again. I was super sick the second day after my first colonic and the reason for that is because the colonic stirs things up in your gut. It pulls some stuff out, it moves stuff around and it sent my body into full blown detox. I felt like a drug addict. It is CRAZY to me how sick my insides can be without me even knowing it. I actually did a second colonic the day I was so sick and it helped drastically because it pulled some of the toxins that were floating around in my kidney and liver out. The third day I was feeling much better.

The unfortunate thing was that then it was already time to head back home. So I felt like I started on this plan and then poof, back to traveling, right back into work the next day and life again.

What now:

The day we left, we were given a plan for coming home. You aren’t really supposed to jump right back into food like before, just fruits and veggies to start and then each day you can add a few things in. It’s too hard on your body. The one thing I did break immediately was coffee. I had a terrible headache leaving We Care, so we stopped at a health food store for a salad and I broke and got an organic iced coffee too. Let me tell you my headache was gone within minutes. Again, I felt like a drug addict. It is SO crazy. I am down to a half a cup or max of one cup a day, which is a drastic improvement for me.

Other than that, I haven’t fully followed the plan at home, but I have tried to stay close. I am starting to introduce foods like fish and quinoa back into my diet. I have noticed some allergies picking up, but unfortunately brought in multiple items at once so I’m not sure what is causing that. I am planning to do a Whole 30 diet in a few weeks to try and figure that out and in the meantime am using some of their guidelines as my guide for eating. I’m also going to follow up with my holistic doctor about how to do colonics more consistently so I’m not getting so sick when I introduce them into my routine.

So there you have it. The nitty gritty. I could go on and on about it and I’m learning so much everyday, but it was time y’all. Time to take some control over my health and wellness and get down to business. Much more to come about what I am doing and also the workouts I will be starting to bring into this routine. Lastly, you do not have to go to a place like We Care to do a system reset. Do you research and find places local to you who can set you up with a plan and juices/detox treatments or do it yourself! Just make sure you are getting what you need and doing it in a healthy and safe way!

Email me at [email protected] with any further questions or other things you guys may want to know about this experience!


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