How To Tone Your Booty At Home

I am determined to not gain the Quarantine-15 and instead to use this down time of social isolation to get toned and fit. I was struggling with what workouts I could do at home, without weights or actually going to a gym, so I called my friend and personal trainer/pilates instructor, Stephanie Harrison, to get some answers. She is great at uploading quick and easy videos to her Instagram @thisisstephharrison, so if you like this workout go follow. This is what i did today to target my glutes. Forewarning, it burns like fire if you do multiple cycles, BUT it’s that good burn.

*Repeat Full Workout 3-5 times*

  1. Bridge with Pulse x 20 

2. Single Leg with Pulse x 15 (each leg)

3. Side Hip Left With Pulse x 20 (each side)

4. Curtsey Lunge x 15 (each leg)

5. Squat With Pulse x 20


Do you guys like these kinds of videos? Comment below with suggestions or feedback!

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