How to Fix Hangover Skin

We’ve all done it, had one too many cocktails and had to wake up for work or just life the next day looking a bit rough. I had Keri Claudel (@thenashvillebeautygirl) on the Velvet’s Edge Podcast this week to talk through some things you can do for your skin when you wake up feeling this way. If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, listen here. I wanted to make the products we talked about easy for you guys to shop, so I linked them all below!

Here is a recap of her best tips to quickly fix hangover skin. Click the images to shop.

TAKE VITAMIN B COMPLEX: This is what you body is depleted of after a night of heavy drinking so it’s important to fill the void.

WASH YOUR FACE: Yes, again. You may have used a makeup remover cloth last night but that doesn’t do your skin justice. Washing your face removes what’s left on your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed.

EXFOLIATE: Remove all the dullness left over from last night with a Glycolic or Lactic Acid peel.


Therapy Systems Energizing Enzyme Peel


MOISTURIZE: The key is to use products that contain Hyaluronic Acid. Why? Hyaluronic Acid retains moisture into your skin making it look plump and juicy. A mask is a great way to get hydration back into your skin in an intense way.

You can find this awesome Bliss Oxygen mask at Target – they are currently sold out online if that tells you anything – so check out your local store or click the image to shop.

CO2 Lift Mask

The CO2 Lift Mask is the Holy Grail. It’s a little pricey but so worth it! Click the image to shop and use my code VE15 for 15% OFF your purchase!


DRINK WATER: It’s so hard to drink water when you’re hungover, but hydrating from the inside makes all the efforts that much more evident so drink up. If you can’t just chug water the day after too much tequila, try an IV. In Nashville, I go to Arete. You can find them here and listen to our podcast with the benefits of IV therapy here.


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