Why Activated Charcoal Can Save You From A Hangover…and many other benefits

Activated charcoal is having a moment. You’ve likely seen activated charcoal “wellness” shots at your local coffee shop, or perhaps you’ve swigged it as a juice. But its use as a detox and healing remedy goes way back — traditional healers have used it for thousands of years, because of its numerous benefits.

I personally was turned on to activated charcoal a few years ago by a friend who swore that taking two pills when she may have had a little too much to drink would prevent her from having a hangover. I tried it and have now sworn by it for just that reason. Any time I have more than one drink, I also take two charcoal pills to help my stomach absorb the toxins of the alcohol and therefore prevent me from having a hangover. Of course, I’m not suggesting this as a reason to over-indulge, but every now and again on a big night, too much tequila might happen. I regularly suggest it to my followers on @velvetsedge who are going into a bachelorette weekend. It’s great for the gift bags.

I follow a large portion of the Bulletproof lifestyle, who use activated charcoal as a method of ridding your body of anything that would make you weak. This includes energy-sapping processed snacks, sugar, and overexposure to toxic chemicals. But sometimes avoiding crappy food and environmental toxins are easier said than done. Whether you’re forced to eat at a less-than-ideal restaurant or you want to try a deeper detox, activated charcoal is your ally. The VE team and I did some research and found some more effective ways to incorporate charcoal into your diet. 

Bulletproof.com goes into more detail about the history of charcoal.


Many benefits from activated charcoal include…

General Detoxification: Toxins from low-quality, processed food, and environmental pollution sap your energy and contribute to brain fog and digestive issues. Chronic exposure to toxins causes cellular damage, allergic reactions, compromised immunity, and rapid aging

Digestive Health, Gas, Bloating: After digesting foods like beans, the decomposition process from bacteria in your body creates byproducts like gas or worse. Activated charcoal enters the digestive tract and counteracts this process by binding to byproducts and easing these digestive issues.

Heart Health: In one study, patients with high cholesterol who took 8 grams of activated charcoal three times a day showed a 25% reduction in total cholesterol. Studies examining microscopic tissues show a daily dose of activated charcoal may prevent abnormal hardening (sclerosis) in heart and coronary blood vessels.

Anti-Aging: Activated charcoal has powerful anti-aging properties, and studies show it prevents numerous cellular changes associated with aging. In one study, activated charcoal increased the average lifespan of older test animals by roughly 34 percent. Activated charcoal slows the rate at which the brain becomes sensitive to toxins as you age, which makes for better cognitive functioning. It also builds a better defense mechanism by improving the adaptive functioning of essential organs like the liver, kidneys, and adrenals.

Other uses for activated charcoal:

Whitening teeth

Cleansing your pores

Removing toxins from your hair

Relieve bug bites & stings

Take activated charcoal capsules when:

You eat out at restaurants or eat processed junk foods

You drink bad quality coffee

You’re drinking any alcohol

You feel moody or tired

You’re traveling, especially air travel



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