How I Learned To Be A Morning Person

I have talked about this a lot, but I am not the best sleeper and definitely NOT naturally a morning person. However, the older I have gotten and the more demanding my schedule has become, I’ve basically had to force myself to learn how to be a morning person. This did not come easy and has included many days where I want to punch my alarm clock in the face, but I do feel like I’ve now established certain routines that genuinely do help and have now given me reasons to enjoy getting up early. I think we can all agree it is hard to find the perfect routine you could follow every day, but I do try and do as many of these as I can each morning to get my day started off right and force this night owl to appreciate an early morning


Diffusing Lavender or Calming Oils 

I do not go many nights without diffusing oils when I’m sleeping. I feel I get a much deeper sleep and wake up rested. My latest podcast features Becca Stevens who is the founder of Thistle Farms, listen to that here. Thistle Farms provides jobs, safety and life long support to women who are victims of abuse. The jobs at Thistle Farms include making clean beauty, wellness products, and oils. I recently purchased a bunch when I went to visit Becca. You can shop for my new favorite oils. You can shop my new favorite oils here.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

“Wake up easy”

This app’s alarm is gentle and does not blare at you in the morning. You set a time you know you need to be up by, then the app creates a 30 min window monitoring how deep your sleeping is, and it will alarm at your lightest sleep stage. It also helps monitor how well I slept the night before which is interesting to help me figure out which night time routines work.

Calm App

This app got me hooked on a daily morning meditation. It helps my brain wake up slowly and positively. I have notoriously been terrible at meditating, but have found that these guided meditations work. They are generally between 10-15 minutes and start my morning off with an affirmation or calm breathing that helps me have a better day. Plus, I notice that whatever the topic is, whether it be self-confidence or gratitude, will pop into my head throughout the day as a beautiful reminder of what’s important or how I’m speaking to myself.

Bulletproof Coffee

You all already know my obsession with bulletproof coffee. Check out all the info and benefits I found about Bulletproof Coffee here.

Natural Light

The first thing I do when I get out of bed is open the curtains. Immediately. This communicates to my body that it’s time to start the day vs. laying in bed to hit the snooze button for awhile

Hot Lemon Water & Smoothies

Earlier in the year, I did a post about my morning routine. You can check out my favorite smoothies and why I love hot lemon water in the morning here.



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