Exploring Vulnerability

Exploring Vulnerability

We spend so much time and effort to be seen in a certain way. What’s happens when we open ourselves up to others and not worry about the judgement from others? For many it’s a spiritual awakening known as vulnerability. It can seem a bit scary. And to be completely honest, vulnerability is scary and it does not happen without courage. It’s no easy task to let others know that you aren’t always confident and happy and sure about the world or even who you are sometimes. It’s scary opening yourself up to another person, not knowing what their reaction might be. But vulnerability is also one of the most amazing and beneficial things that a person can do for themselves.


“Vulnerability is not weakness.”

And that myth is profoundly dangerous
– Brene Brown


When you get used to breaking out of your comfort zone, the whole process becomes less scary. Yes, you’ll still feel vulnerable, but your vulnerability, anxiety, and stress will stay at optimal levels: enough to benefit you!

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