Why Switching To BPA Free Products Could Save Your Life

I typically think of myself as a pretty healthy, clean person, however, the process of freezing my eggs has opened me up into even more insights into some of the chemicals I am putting in my body on a daily basis. Look, there will always be more to learn. I simply try to keep the mentality of doing the best I can and making easy changes where I can.

BPA Risks Include:

Hormone levels. Some experts believe that BPA could theoretically act like a hormone in the body, disrupting normal hormone levels and development in fetuses, babies, and children. …

Brain and behavior problems


Heart problems

Increased risk to children

Find more details on the threats of BPA here.

I have been reading a really great book called It Starts With the Egg. If you are exploring any sort of fertility treatments or even just trying to get pregnant, I highly recommend this book for lots of insight into things that could be contributing to unhealthy eggs, miscarriage or infertility. One of the main things I learning about in this book was BPA’s. While there is a major concern for BPA’s infertility, it is also just something that all of us can do to benefit our health, fertility or not.

 As I said above, it’s making simple changes where you can. One thing at a time. I’ve started fresh with my kitchen and have started using all clean resources. One of the easiest ways is to switch to BPA free storage and glass ware.

I’ve linked several sets of all BPA free items, click the pics to shop below!

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