Pre-Thanksgiving Workouts

It’s Fitness Friday and I want to give you a workout that attacks the areas that I get the most questions about … butt and core. I added upper body to this workout because who doesn’t want killer shoulders.  Keep reading for a couple of workouts to get you through your WEEK BEFORE THANKSGIVING.  Train now and you can eat whatever you want then.

Butt, Core, and Shoulder Workout

Round 1 (4x)

Chest Press : 1 min

Thrusters : 14 reps (hold weights near shoulders, squat , and on your way back up push your weights to the ceiling)

Single Leg Hip Raises : 1 min (laying on your back, feet on the floor, lift leg straight in the air and raise hip off the floor. Switch leg every set.)

Round 2 (4x)

Side Lateral Raises : 10 reps (with weight or bands, raise arms straight out by your side and back down)

Dips : 20 reps

Ankle Biter Crunches : 30 reps (lay on back, knees bent, feet on floor, crunch up, reach right arm for right ankle and then to the side)

Round 3 (3x)

Donkey Kicks : 50 reps each leg (on hands and knees, flex foot and push your heel straight to the ceiling)

Plank Raises : 12 reps (go from elbow planks to straight arm planks)

Mountain Climbers : 50 reps

Couple this workout with my Weighted Kettlebell Workout, and Park Workout  over the next week and you will be good to go.

– Olivia





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