Weighted Kettlebell Workout

All of my favorite workouts have a weight component. In the past I was intimidated by weights, and didn’t really know how to properly use them. I was introduced to the kettle bell and it was a game changer. I don’t know why but the shape of a kettlebell just looks more friendly. The most common concern I hear about weights is that it might bulk a woman up. This is just not true. If you have a really bad diet and then you are doing heavy weight and low reps, then yes technically you could look bigger. But if you maintain a healthy diet, lift weights that challenge you, and allow you to do enough reps it can actually lean your body out. Below are some essential weighted moves that will target your entire body. You can also shop my outfit… keep scrolling.

Weighted Kettlebell Workout

Start with 5 min of cardio (your choice)

Kettlebell Workout2

1 min of weighted sumo squats

Start out with legs a little wider than shoulder width apart, toes pointed slightly out, weight held right under chin. Squat down without letting your knees bend over your ankles, stand back up. Repeat

Weighted Workout 16

1 min of weighted triceps

Kettlebell Workout

– 1 min weighted lunges

Weighted Workout 14




– 1 min weighted chest press

Weighted Workout 17

– 1 min of touch touches

Reach up and touch you toes, and lay all the way back down.

Repeat this entire workout 4x.

5 min of cardio to finish (your choice)

Weighted Workout 15 Kettlebell Workout3

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– Olivia





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