Get in shape by keeping your gym bag stocked

Unfortunately, wearing workout clothes doesn’t actually build muscle. The hardest part of getting and maintaining a good ass is going to the gym. Don’t feel bad. Everyone experiences the internal debate that ends in skipping yet another workout. In today’s world we are all just too busy. That’s not an excuse; it’s reality. So how does Olivia stay so consistent?

From Olivia:

I have my car packed with workout gear at all times. Most days I work out after work, but like everyone there are a lot of times I need to workout at lunch because I have too much going on at night. I always have my gym bag in my car with at least one workout outfit but I also have it stocked with other accessories to make going to the gym on a whim a lot easier. These are the things that help get a workout in now matter how busy my day is:

1. My yoga mat. Yes, I do yoga but often I need a mat for a quick outside workout.

2. Headphones

3. A toiletry bag that I keep stocked with hair ties, headbands, deodorant and perfume.

With that in mind, here are my favorites in workout accessories right now. Keep your gym bag packed so you’ll always be ready to get in a 20 minute workout… minimum.

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Here are a few of Olivia’s favorite workouts!

Olivia’s Daily Ab and Butt Moves

20 Minute Dumbbell Workout

Outdoor Summer Workout

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