Olivia’s Daily Ab and Butt Moves

If you have been following along on Velvet’s Edge for awhile you might have noticed Olivia’s abs and backside. Being female, these are the two hardest areas to keep up over time. Amen? So we asked Olivia to do a ‘tell all’ of how she has maintained those areas consistently.

From Olivia:

I think the most important thing about fitness is consistency. I make sure to workout around 4-5 times per week. At the end of each workout I do 5 minutes of butt and abs. But sometimes life just gets busy and those 4 to 5 days are hard to squeeze in. If all else fails I will focus on 10 minutes of abs and glutes. It’s way better than doing nothing at all and is completely possible for even the busiest person.

Below are 3 different versions of 5 minute ab and butt exercises. You can do one of these after each workout or combine 2 or 3 of the circuits for your busy days.

Ab and Butt workout1
Version 1:
1 min elbow plank (plank on your elbows)
1 min straight arm plank (plank with hands of the ground and straight arms, like a push-up)
30 secs right leg donkey kicks (on all fours, kick your leg straight up and lead with your heel. See pic above.)
30 secs right leg fire hydrants (view here) Wasn’t even going to attempt to explain this. Ha!
30 secs left leg donkey kicks
30 secs left leg fire hydrants
1 min elbow plank saws (in a elbow plank position, slide your entire body forward until your shoulders are over your hands and then move backward to plank position. Keep your abs tight.)
Ab and Butt workout4
Ab and Butt workout5
Version 2:
1 min ab layouts (extend your arms and legs and then reach for your feet as you come in, pictured above)
1 min right leg hip raises (laying flat on your back, legs bent, raise one leg straight to the ceiling and move your hips off the ground and then go back to resting position)
1 min left leg hip raises
1 min heel touching sit ups (laying flat on your back, legs bent, arms straight toward feet. Crunch side to side touching each heel.)
1 min hip raises (laying flat on your back, legs bent, lift your hips off the ground and then back to a resting position)
Ab and Butt workout3
Version 3:
1 min toe touching crunches (laying flat on your back, both legs straight in the air, legs together, reach your arms up toward your toes, then back to resting position)
1 min bicycles (laying flat on your back, hands behind your head, legs straight and 3 inches off the floor, reach right elbow to left knee and switch)
1 min right leg straight leg lifts (on all fours, extend one leg behind you, toe to the ground, lift your heel to the ceiling while keeping your leg straight. Flex foot)
1 min left leg straight leg lifts
1 min plank raises (go from an elbow plank, to a straight arm plank, one arm at a time)
I promise if you add this to the end of your workouts or do a longer version on your off days, you will see major improvement! We would love to know if you like these workouts, so comment away!


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