Olivia’s Outdoor Summer Workout

If you can’t afford the gym or just love being outdoors, Olivia has the perfect workout for you. You have three months of great weather, which is plenty of time to get skinny jean ready.
Olivia’s Instructions:
Stair Runs, one of my all time favorite workouts. Hate running, love stair runs!
Equipment Needed: A set of outdoor stairs or a stadium.
You will run a certain set of stairs after each move. Get ready. This is a good one.
Outdoor Summer Workout Outdoor Summer Workout5
– run 1 set (these stairs have about 25 up; a “set” is running up and back down)
Outdoor Summer Workout1 Outdoor Summer Workout2
– when you get complete the first set of runs, use bottom 2 or 3 stairs for “box/stair” jumps
– 10 total jumps
– run 2 sets of stairs
Outdoor Summer Workout6
– crossover lunges
– 20 (10 each leg)
– run 3 sets of stairs 
Outdoor Summer Workout3
– pushups
– 30 x
– run 2 sets of stairs 
Outdoor Summer Workout4
Outdoor Summer Workout7
– ab layouts; 20 
– run 1 set of stairs 
Repeat entire workout once. 
Mix this in with some of Olivia’s other workouts, under the fitness section of VE.
Summer Outdoor Workout8
Olivia’s look for this workout:

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