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Happy Wednesday. Today’s good news is the Republican National Convention is over. The bad news is the Democratic National Convention is now underway.

Hillary Clinton is officially the Democratic nominee for President of the United States and the first ever female candidate from a major party. I already wrote about the significance of this milestone here. So now let’s discuss why everything sucks. In leaked emails from the DNC, party leaders appear to favor Clinton over Bernie Sanders by discussing ways that his lack of faith in God could be used against him with southern voters, eventually leading to the resignation of the committee chair. HOW the emails were leaked is quickly becoming another debacle, with US intelligence agencies concluding that the Russian government is likely responsible for the hack. To review, we have a woman who can’t keep track of her emails on one side, a former reality show host on the other, and interference by the President of a country whose elections are far from fair. I’m casting my vote for let’s burn it all down and start TF over. Buy the party bumper sticker here.

In response to the protests over police violence in Dallas, the police chief suggested that the department was hiring if protesters really wanted to make a difference. Since then job applications have tripled. This is a perfect embodiment of the phrase “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi might have said that, but it was probably Justin Bieber. Either way, I love the idea.

Here’s an article I didn’t know I needed until now. Women who go on The Bachelor spend thousands on beauty treatments, gym sessions, and cosmetics before their appearances on the show. From 25 year olds getting Botox to the prevalence of eyelash extensions, I was wholly unprepared for how extensive the preparations were to make beautiful women look beautiful….on television. How have we, as a species, created such a large gap between how a human woman should look and how she actually looks? Thankfully, the men go to equally insane lengths to look good on The Bachelorette.

Just kidding. They don’t even have to have jobs.

What I love this week: I’ll admit I was cynical, but after all that seemingly wasted water and time, the Ice Bucket Challenge actually led to an important breakthrough in ALS research. A portion of the $220 million raised was used to identify a gene associated with the disease. While this discovery is by no means a cure, it is one step closer. And all because of our willingness to look stupid on the internet. Now that we know this power can be harnessed, the possibilities are endless.

I’m off to watch the remainder of night 3 of the DNC. The things I do for you people. BUT I am drinking. And you should be too.

See you next week.


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