How to make your laundry room feel like home not hell!

Who wants to do laundry? 1000% not me. So making my laundry room a place that I could stand to walk into was pretty crucial.

This is my current sitch.


So like everyone else my laundry is not where I wanted to invest my money. So let me start by saying that I’m a dreamer and originally wanted to wallpaper the walls or do some cool wood design, change the floor tile,.. and the light fixtures and move the washer and dryer under the window and build out L shape cabinetry. My husband didn’t even pause before he said HELL NO. Ha! So let me fill you in on the less intense steps I took.

1.I added cabinetry. When I first bought this house there were zero cabinetry in the laundry room, but they used a significant amount of square footage, which simply means they ran out of money. Picture an empty space with just the washer and dryer up against the wall. So cabinetry was the first thing I addressed. I used a trim guy versus a cabinet company to get the cost down.

How I use the cabinet space: I use the cabinets above my washer and dryer for my large bags of dog food, and all of my laundry supplies. I added a sink and other cabinetry to the left for my dog’s water and food bowl, baskets with wash cloths and all of my extra hand soap bottles (that I keep so that I don’t constantly have to go to the store.) Under my sink I keep extra cleaning supplies. There is more cabinetry that you can’t see but I built it, with a long open spot for my vacuum cleaner, mops and tall step ladder. Everything has a spot and a purpose.

2. I made my table top areas functional, but pretty. I wanted more storage in this area, but had to pick things that could be on display. I picked clothes pins, which I use for my chip bags and laundry, safety pins for various things and the white basket holds all of my extra paper towels. Yes, we order things in bulk.:)

laundry room1

3. I added a rod for all of my clothes to hang. Boring topic.

4. I stored all of my entertaining equipment at the top of the cabinets. I rarely break out china or pretty napkins for my girlfriends, so I really don’t need easy access to them. But I put all of my china in those pretty grey things above my washer and added a basket for napkins ect ect. Way better plan than keeping them in the attic, where they originally were.

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5. I used art, a rug, and a basket to make the space less laundry like.  I avoided dumb word art such as, Laundry Lives Here in a pretty font. You don’t need to let yourself know that you are in your laundry room. I for one am completely aware when I enter that space. Here are the art pieces I used.

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laundry room

6. I added EVEN MORE STORAGE to the useless wall. Because I keep spare towels and washcloths in my laundry I end up using them often. So I needed a laundry bag for those towels. I have separate laundry baskets in our master closets, guest rooms, and have an extra basket for dry cleaning clothes. So those clothes don’t enter the laundry until they are ready to be cleaned. I decided to use the PB rod system on the left, seemingly useless wall, and the hamper/baskets that go with it. I’ve loved it because I keep things that I need often such as batteries, flashlight, hammer and nails in the baskets and towels in the hamper. Then I have a place to hang my dog leashes, ironing board and extra bag that I sometimes will grab to go to a friends house when I have extra shit to carry.  

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Well, surely you didn’t read this if you are 22 and hitting up the bar, but trust me there will come a day where shit like this matters. It’s sad but true. For anyone who read this and got excited, welcome to the pathetic train. I am sure you are with me when I say, it is one wild, organized ride.!


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Photos by Kelsey Cherry

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