The Art Of Finding & Wearing The Perfect Vintage Tee

I have a rather large collection of vintage tees, but I’m not gonna lie, the good ones are pretty hard to find. Obviously I can’t link the ones I love for you guys to shop because most of them are one of a kind. Since I get so many questions on where I find my vintage tees, I decided to unlock the golden door to a few of my favorite spots. I feel a little vulnerable like I’m really giving up the goods, but the truth is that this game is all about patience, persistence and honestly, luck.

The online game of vintage tees is minimal. eBay and Etsy are the main players and really the only places worth spending any time perusing. Enter “Vintage Tee” in the search bar. Make sure when you are looking, they are are authentic vintage tees and not a silk screen of an old tee. That’s not cool. We want old, sometimes distressed, already worn tees. That’s the money. Here are some great options I found on Etsy: here, here, here, here and here.

UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH, ok, ok, one more place is probably right under your nose. I can’t believe I’m giving this info out, but Free People also post vintage tees under their ‘Vintage Loves’ section. You kind of have to dig to find it or just type in “vintage tee” in the search section and it will pull up the options. They can be a little pricey, but most authentic vintage tees are. The bonus is that you will wear them so much more than you think, so it’s completely worth the investment (said the vintage tee-aholic). Here are some of my favorite tees they have up now. I even included some for your man (or if you are like me, I wear oversized boy shirts sometimes).

Once you find your perfect vintage tee, it’s all about the styling. I always think the hottest look is vintage tee, ripped skinny jeans and either a killer pair of boots or some strappy heels for a night out on the town. Add a red lip and some simple layered necklaces for a complete look.

The red lip I’m wearing in the pic above is by Kat Von D in ‘Outlaw” and I’m obsessed. Find it here.

The Necklaces are by All the Wire. Find them here and here.

Ray Ban Aviators: here

**The last tip I would give is to seek out your best thrift shops and even sometimes Goodwill to try and find the magic shirts. Also, in Nashville especially, the Tennessee Flea Market has some amazing finds. Happy hunting folks, leave some shirts for me.


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