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Happy New Year! Yes, I know it’s February but it’s been that long since I’ve written anything for Velvet’s Edge. In my absence, the country has descended into chaos. We’ve got women marching on D.C., protesters swarming airports, National Parks going rogue, our President tweeting in ALL CAPS at the judicial branch, and worst of all, Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey was stolen.

I won’t bore you with opinions on all of these events. But what if Trump’s wall isn’t to keep immigrants out—it’s to keep us in?

Valentine’s Day is Tuesday, and I think my gift guide from Christmas still applies. For example, buy some lingerie and then wrap it in that F*ck You paper. It’s sour, then it’s sweet…but it’s also smart. Because you just bought a gift for yourself and marketed it to him. #girlboss?

The Grammy’s are Sunday…if anybody cares about that.

A new episode of The Bachelor airs Monday…if anybody cares about that.

Just kidding! I care deeply about The Bachelor, which is embarrassing. Spoiler alert: last episode ended with Nick crying while confessing to the girls that maybe this process wouldn’t work for him. No idea why it’s taken his 4th season to come to that realization, but casting clearly prioritizes teeth over self reflection. Anyway, Nick crying made the girls cry too. So everyone is crying except Corinne, who gets dressed and sets out to save the whole season with… her vagina. Heroic.

Is everyone tired of talking about Trump yet? Yeah? OK cool. Just one more thing. Yesterday, a federal appeals court declined to reinstate Trump’s executive order that temporarily restricts immigrants from 7 predominantly Muslim countries. Hillary used the opportunity to troll Donald on Twitter, which spurred hundreds of reminders about the election results. As if any of us had forgotten.

What I hate this week: There’s a new app to help new moms connect with each other. The app pairs mothers based on shared interests, location, and their kids’ ages. The problem is that all of my friends have babies. So if they get new friends, who will hang out with me?  

What I love this week: This LA Times piece on a foster care dad who takes in terminally ill children. Yes, this made me cry, but it went beyond that. The depth of this man’s kindness and commitment is overwhelming. Maybe all men aren’t created equal.



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