How to do Target decor the right way.

In my last interior post, Stop Making The Target MistakeI addressed my take on buying a bunch of little Target decor items for your home, versus spending your money on big statement pieces. Today I want to share my favorite Target items because I actually do buy decor items from Target. I just think that certain things are worth it and other things ARE NOT, even though they look cute on the isle. For instance:


Nicnacs are where you can make the “Target mistake.” I love the Nate Berkus section of Target… who doesn’t? The key is to resist the urge to buy that coral and tan, woven pineapple because it looks good in the new summer decor isle. Instead go for neutral objects and mix them with more substantial pieces. In the photo below I mixed Target Threshold concrete objects with a larger grouping of coffee table books.


Here are some of my favorite Target decor items.


I actually love Target lamps for guest rooms in a home. I try to invest in more substantial lamps for master bedrooms, but Target really does have a great selection for spaces where you aren’t wanting to break the bank. And their floor lamps have really taken a step in the right direction.


TJ Maxx and/or Target are always my first stops for baskets. For some reason there are always so many baskets at both of those stores. I can’t really figure it out. I use wire baskets to fill in the holes of homes I’m designing. If their is a blank space beside a chair or fireplace, you can fill a basket with a plant, throw, or just all of your old books to add texture.


For a lot of guest bedrooms, I use Threshold sheets. I actually really like them, and I’m picky when it comes to bedding.


Thin profile frames are the way to go, according to me. Target has some great options. Silver, brass, black and white frames can all be mixed in a grouping. Try to avoid a grouping of the same color framed and go for a more curated look. As long as the profile of the frame is thin you can really mix a bunch of neutral frames and it will look great.

The moral of the story is, if you are leaving Target with anything coral or teal, turn around and put it back. 🙂



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