Stop Making "The Target Decor Mistake"

At some point in your life you’ve probably put a room together and thought, “That doesn’t feel right.” When this happens, the problem is often that the size, scale or proportion of the space is off. So today I want to talk about how to use larger scale decor items so that you don’t make what I call “The Target Mistake.”

Target has really nailed the small scale decor game, but it has zero options for large scale items. I have seen so. many. people. on a design budget make a Target run and spend hundreds of dollars just to get home, set everything up and have a finished space that only looks slightly better. Their money would have been better spent buying a couple of larger coffee table books or a sizable piece of art versus many little things. I’m not saying that I don’t love the nic nacs from Target and use them in client’s home all the time. But they are called accessories for a reason, not what you should use to make a statement.

Below are some of my designs where I chose large scale items to really make a space feel powerful.


With such high ceilings, we chose a 5 ft wall sconce and 7 ft floor mirrors for the wall. If you are looking to add a punch to your space try using a floor mirror.


A large plant added to just about any space can really help with scale. I will never put a tall plant next to a tall floor lamp, but when a space is missing height a tall fig leaf plant is the answer.


So many people choose small pieces of art because they’re cheaper than a large piece. Places like Minted and are great options for affordable large art. Large art is more striking and definitely helps with scale.


A tall vase of branches from your local flower store is a perfect way to add height and a larger scale piece to a space.


Don’t be scared to go for a larger light for your island pendant. It can make the biggest difference.

Design by April Tomlin Interiors (me) and photography by Nick McGuinn.


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  1. On point. I struggle with this so much and just want to wipe it all clean and start over. Even worse than the “Target Mistake” though…the KIRKLANDS mistake. I hate walking in homes that look like a Kirklands showroom floor.

  2. Does the whole oversize approach work for not-so-large spaces too? Thinking about doing a large piece of art at the landing at the top of our stairs. (It isn’t a huge wall, but you do see it from downstairs when you walk in the front door. )

    1. Absolutely. It works even better with small spaces. In smaller spaces I opt for fewer large, nuetral pieces and build from there. Thanks for the support. xo – April

    2. Joy I just realized who this was. You do not have a small space. hahahaha But yes this will work at the top of your stairs.

  3. I love this post! I never realized that so many people buy several smaller items just because it is easier and cheaper! I’m going to keep looking for large paintings or decorations instead of a lot of small ones. Love these rooms you shared.. great inspiration!

  4. I’m a local, young Nashvillian- and just stumbled upon your Insta and blog! Beautiful!

    My husband and I love large statement pieces, really makes your home unique! Some of our best art is just large , neutral painted DIY canvases!

    1. That’s awesome. I am so bad at DIY but I love it when friends of my send me pics of art pieces they made or furniture that they have painted.

  5. I’ve been guilty! Thank you for posting this…. It is spot on. On a sidenote, Would you be willing to share the details on that floor in the kitchen picture with the dark wall? (Gah! Gorgeous!)

    1. Thanks so much for commenting and the support. I give away as much info as I can but unfortunately some things I can’t mention on here because of client exclusivity ect. 🙁 I will always give as much detail as I can without offending the client.

  6. Absolutely love your blog and interior inspiration! Could you do a post on tv stands? I’m currently picking out living room pieces and really struggling with finding a stylish affordable tv stand to match a neutral living room!!

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