Beauty Alert: New Favorite Lip Color Line

Full disclosure, I found this product by desperately searching every deep dark hole of the internet for a Kylie Lip Kit. I’m just dying to have one. No shame here.

Since only God knows when the next one will be released (insider tip: I think it will be in the next week or so for a Valentine’s Day color), I need to get my great lip fix in the meantime. Luckily my searches for the Kylie Lip Kit lead me to this really cool line of lip colors called Lime Crime. They offer interesting, different colors in a long lasting matte lip with there VELVETINES line.

I started with ‘Cashmere’ which can be seen below, but will also be ordering ‘Red Velvet‘ since I now know I like the line. Red lips are obviously classic, but seem to be a HUGE trend happening in 2016.

The cool thing about a great, bold lip is that is operates like an accessory to any outfit. It’s a statement piece in and of itself. My suggestion, especially since it’s winter is to exfoliate before wearing and keep lips moisturized between using so that lips don’t look dry. The formula has no shine at all, but is VERY long lasting. I ate and drank water and still maintained my lips. It’s pretty awesome. Remove with a makeup wipe or wet washcloth!

Find Lime Crime Velvetines in 22 different colors here!

Find my favorite lip exfoliator here!


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