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In Nashville our winter weather is totally unpredictable, so it’s best to stick to indoor workouts for consistency this season. With everyone’s new year gym resolutions, an indoor workout can be such a burden. Note: I am not a fan of New Years resolutions. Don’t give yourself a goal for the year, make a life change and find a workout that you love. Staying with a workout is extremely important because… “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.”
So if you feel like staying home and not fighting the crowd, the workout below is perfect to incorporate into your weekly routine. (You can also find many other workouts in our fitness section). If you have a few weights at home use them, if not this workout can also be done with a resistance band, or no weights at all. Just aim to increase your reps if you aren’t using weights.
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At Home Workout
Start with 5 minutes of cardio of your choice.
  • Right Leg Goblet Reverse Lunge (10 reps)
    • Stand with feet hip width apart, hold a kettle bell (or dumbbell) or your choice (I would use 20lbs) in goblet position. Step Right leg back into lunge, push off and return to starting position.
  • Right Side Oblique Crunch/Raises (15 reps)
    • Lay on floor with legs extended and right elbow on the ground. Slowly lift left hip up and down.
  • Left Leg Goblet Reverse Lunge (10 reps)
  • Left Side Oblique Crunch/Raises (15 reps)

Repeat 4x’s


  •  Right Leg Single Leg Dead Lift (10 reps)
    • Stand straight up with feet hip width apart, holding a weight in each hand (I would hold 15 or 20lbs). Keeping back flat lower kettle-bells toward the floor until your back is parallel to the floor. Gently raise back up to starting position. Repeat.
  • Over head Press (12 reps)
    • Holding weights of choice (I would use 10lbs), stand with feet hip with apart holding weights with elbows bent in 90degree angle by shoulders. Press straight overhead until arms fully extend, return back to 90degrees. Repeat.
  • Left Leg Single Leg Dead Lift (10reps)
  • Over Head Press (12 reps)

Repeat 3x’s


  • Bent Over Row (15 reps)
    • Stand feet hip width apart, knees soft and bend at the hips. With weights extended toward floor (I would use 15lbs), engage shoulder blades and bend elbows to pull kettle bell toward chest, then lower weights back to starting position.
  • Right Leg Single Leg Hip Raises (15 reps)
    • Lay flat on back with knees bent, raises right leg up to ceiling and keep left leg bent, foot flat on floor. Raise hips off the ground and lower back down 15 times.
  • Bent Over Row (15 reps)
  • Left Leg Single Leg Hip Raise (15 reps)

Repeat 3x’s

End with 5min abs of choice. Below is a 5min ab round of mine.
  • 1 min Straight Arm Plank
  • 1 min Russian Twist (with weight)
  • 1 min Saw Planks
  • 1 min Toe Touches
  • 1 min Elbow Planks

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