The Best Makeup Bags & Storage

Each week when I sit down to write my beauty blog, I really try and think about the things I love and what is pertinent to the things I am loving or doing in my work that week. This week all that I could think about was bags. And by bags, I don’t mean purses, but makeup bags. Sounds dumb, I know, but seriously, it’s important. A good makeup bag is a HUGE part of my job, not only for organization, but of course I need something long lasting and durable, especially for travel. I personally just ordered a new bag for set and traveling. Actually, I re-ordered the same bag I have had for years because that’s how much I love it. I understand that most girls won’t need the kind of makeup bags that I need as a makeup artist, BUT every girl needs a good place to keep her makeup. I did a little research and found some pretty great bags and accessories for makeup storage and safe keeping. I also linked the ones I use for work for any other makeup artist out there! Click the pics below to shop!

Lastly, these are my favorite bags to carry around in my purse, plus they have super cute sayings on them. Mine reads: “Note To Self: Remember Not To Date Assholes.” Cute and great for lipsticks and small compacts! Find them here.


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