Fitness Friday: Medicine Ball Workout

Cold weather makes me want to hibernate and because of this I am still avoiding most gyms in Nashville. This means I have to get creative with my indoor workouts. A weighted medicine ball has been one of my best purchases  for at home training. In some workouts, it’s the only weight I use. Check out one of my medicine ball workouts below. I use a 12 lb ball, but whatever weight you are comfortable with will work. Also, this workout will be in a pyramid, so start with 30 reps of each, and work down 20, 15, 10, 5….done!
Remember to start with a 5 minute cardio workout to warm up your muscles. Jump rope, jumping jacks, etc.
30 reps of each, rest 60 secs in between each exercise and 2 minutes in between each round.
– Walking Lunges
medicine ball workout2
– Toe Touches
medicine ball workout5
– Side to Side Push ups
Get into Push up position, placing one hand on the medicine ball, lower down, push back up and slide ball to other hand. Repeat.
medicine ball workout7
– Tricep Push Ups
medicine ball workout1
– Wall Balls
medicine ball workout3 medicine ball workout4
– Russian Twists
medicine ball workout6
-Repeat the same moves, but do 20 reps of each
-2 minutes of REST
-Repeat the same moves, but do 15 reps of each
-2 minutes of REST
-Repeat the same moves, but do 10 reps of each
-2 minutes of REST
-Repeat the same moves, but do 5 reps of each
Don’t forget to stretch!
Outfit and medicine ball info below, click on pics to shop!
medicine ball workout

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