Shades of Red

So if you follow VE you know I have been going minimal with my wardrobe and have only been investing in neutrals, especially black. But Valentine’s Day is around the corner SO I decided to start looking for a red dress. It’s really the only other color I like with my skin tone. Plus my mom always told me that I look good in red. She also told me that I had a great singing voice, which was either a straight lie or blinding love. Love you mom.

If you are single you are sure to hate this post. If you are not and you have been in a relationship for awhile, try using this day as inspiration to get in a dress that you feel good in and go grab some dinner and then…. I for one do not like Valentine’s Day (shocker), but I really need the motivation to dress up. My husband deserves at least one day of not seeing me in pajamas.

Shop all my red faves below. PS. my dress is paper thin, so unless you are 23 and still have a hot body I would not recommend it. I will not be wearing this dress on Valentine’s Day. I ordered some of the others that I linked to try out.

red2 red1

(click on images below to shop)

Photos by Kelsey Cherry.


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  1. You would look presh in #3…so cute and flirty! But they’re all beautiful! PS Ford is going to flip when he sees you in these pics…I think you need to keep the dress for him if nothing else haha!

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