How To Take An Outfit From Day To Night

I am chronically guilty of overbooking my schedule and because of this, I’m also chronically “in a hurry.” A lot of times this equates to me running around town in yoga pants, with no makeup on, but there are just some days that doesn’t work. As I’m sure many of you can relate, I’ve started thinking through different ways to make an outfit work multiple ways, throughout the day. I also have a Five-Minute Makeup Routine that is a necessity for the crazy days! Find that here.

Here are my 5 top tricks for taking a look from day to night:

1. Pick an outfit that can go either casual or dressy simply with the change of to night feature

2. Throw on a cute hat. This can be a baseball hat for day or something more sassy, like a fedora for to night casual

3. More on the glam side, but braid hair loosely during the day, so that at night you can just pop a few waves on the top layer for the beachy look. Find that tutorial to night 1

4. Tie a shirt around your waist in the day time for a casual flair, as well as giving you another layer in between cold office to night close up

5. Switch from a backpack in the day to a fancy clutch at to night purse

Shop my look by clicking the pictures below:

Find hat here.


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