My Top 5 Beauty Products I Am Obsessing Over Right Now

Being a hair and makeup artist, I am constantly searching for the latest and the greatest in beauty essentials. Here are my top five products that I feel like I just cannot live without right now!

1. The Beauty Blender in Nude

beauty blender

THANK YOU Jesus and thank you beauty blender for releasing your amazing sponge in nude. If you have a pink or purple or even red beauty blender you know why this is so amazing. No matter how many times you wash the other colors, once used, they never look fully clean again. For whatever reason, foundation stains do not want to come out. This nude color alleviates that problem and also is a lot better for any makeup artist like me who work with guys. Trust me, they like a nude sponge better than a pink one. They just do. If you have never tried a beauty blender, you are missing out on the number one foundation game changer. It completely changes the way your foundation looks after application. It applies foundation smoothly and evenly and gives it the perfect finish. Just dampen your beauty blender before application for the perfect look. Find it here.

2. NKD SKN Self Tanner


I am picking about my self tanners. I don’t like streaks, I don’t like smells and I don’t like orange coloring. I’ve been using the gradual tanner by NKD SKN and it really is great and fits all these needs. It is one that you apply more often and just gradually over a few days get darker. However, I really do see results after the first application. It doesn’t smell and the color is a really pretty bronze. Find it here.

3. Lime Crime Velvetines Lip in Salem


If you follow our blog, you have heard me talk about how much I want a Kylie lip kit. I’m just not gonna sit by my computer and wait until she post the few new products she does and try and get one. Boooooorrrring! So, I have this other matte lip stain I have been loving by Lime Crime. I first mentioned it with my love for the color Cashmere. Now I have branched out and my new obsession is Salem. It’s total 90’s brown lip color and it’s perfect. I wore it the other night with minimal eye makeup, bronzer and a high ponytail and it was a huge hit. Please excuse the terrible bathroom pic, but just so you can get the idea. It’s really fun. Yes, it looks scary in the tube and it is a little dark, but it’s totally on trend and a very versatile color that looks great on multiple skin tones. A friend I was with the night I wore it, tried it and also loved it and she is a completely different skin tone than me with red hair. It looked amazing on her. Find it here.

4. R & Co Dry Shampoo Paste


I’ve also mentioned this product before on our Instagram (@velvetsedge), but it deserves another plug because it’s awesome. It is great for guys and girls for the perfect bed head grit and texture. Also girls it can be good for volume! Find it here.

5. Allergy blend of my essential oils


Ok, while you may not think this is a beauty product, it 100% is. There are other essential oils that specifically tie into beauty, find that info on my essential oils blog here. Also though, in Nashville right now, allergies are a bitch. So much pollen. If I feel bad, I look bad. Period. So my oil rep told me to do a drop of peppermint, lemon and lavender under my tongue and on the bottoms of my feet a couple of times a day to help with allergies and she was so right. It has literally saved me this allergy season. Info for where I get my oils can be found here.


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