Why You Should Be Using Essential Oils

I want to preface this blog post by saying that I am not some hippy dippy, new world crazy advocate for all things new age-y and holistic. I promise. I am however a person who wants to do good things for my body and I truly do believe that what we put in our bodies effects the way we feel and from a beauty professional stand point, the way we look.

Being in the beauty industry, I have been hearing about oils for years from other makeup artist friends of mine. I honestly never really got into it. Like, ok, ok, enough already, I get it, you smell like lavender and you sleep amazingly and your skin is all dewy and fresh. Right? Why I didn’t jump on the bandwagon sooner is really the question because all of those things are true. Who wouldn’t want to smell like lavender and feel like zen? I mean seriously, sign me up.

So, long story short, I bit the bullet. It came after I took some Ibuprofen on an empty stomach one day and it made me throw up. It sort of dawned on me, why is the medicine I’m taking, helping my headache, but making me throw up? That’s the thing with medicine isn’t it? Oh thanks for that antibiotic Doc, sure did clean up my sinuses, but do you have another pill for the yeast infection it gave me? It just really hit me how sick I am making myself with medicine. Seems really messed up, but there is a pill for everything and then there is another pill for everything that pill gives you. Look, I’m not gonna throw out my Ibuprofen, but I am going to try Peppermint oil on my temples first and then if I still have a headache take the Ibuprofen (but not on an empty stomach clearly).

So that is my deal with oils. Are they replacing traditional medicine and everything in my household, no. Are they moderating them and making me feel a hell of a lot better, actually, yes.

If you are like me and want to give oils a try, here are the things you need to know:

1. Find a good rep, that you like, at one of the main companies and buy through them.

There are a few reasons I say this. The first reason, quite frankly, is that getting into the oil game can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what you are doing. There are SO many oils and they all have a purpose. Some you can ingest, some are only topical. It just helps to have someone you like to educate you and walk you through what you want to start with and what else you may like. I tell mine my issue, i.e. headaches….she tells me what oil to use for that, where to use it and how much to use. It’s super helpful and makes it way easy.

The second reason I say use a rep is that oils are everywhere now, but you want to make sure you are using the highest quality oils. Some that you find in grocery stores may not be that and that’s just putting bad stuff back in your body.

2. These are my latest oil obsessions:

Cedarwood – I am not the best sleeper. I get insomnia and have a hard time falling asleep. My rep told me to put one drop of cedarwood and one drop of lavender on my big toe at night and it would help. Well, I shit you not, I am out so freaking fast every night and I sleep so soundly. I also just upped the ante and started putting cedarwood in the oil diffuser I got every night……lights out folks. Night night!

Peppermint Oil – I’ve been on this one for a while and it stays up there in my top five. As I said above it is awesome for headaches. I put it on my neck and temples and it gives this cooling, tingling sensation that I swear helps so much. I also like to add this one to my water for a refreshing, minty taste. So sophisticated.

On Guard – If you are around me and you are sick, I love you, but I gotta go. My parents used to call me sickly child, because I always caught everything, I basically lived with a cold or the flu growing up. Last week, I was around a bunch of people at work who had or had just gotten over a major stomach bug. I put On Guard on my spine at night and even drank it in my water in the mornings and I’m still kicking. Never got the bug (everybody please knock on some wood right now).

Lemon – Lemon is also great in water as a morning pick me up and it’s great for digestion. I also used it on some Salmon I made last week. It was delicious. It gave the salmon serious flavor and kept it from getting dry while it cooked. So good.

3. This is next on my agenda to try:

Melaluca – So apparently, putting a drop of Melaluca into your mascara kills these little mites that get in there and get on your lashes and make them brittle. Once the mites are gone, your lashes will grow. So much so that you will notice it within a week or two. Trying this immediately

Frankincense–  Yes, like the 3 wise men carried, is a natural anti-age potion. It can be used on your face to fight wrinkles. I’m all about anything that does that!

Where to find them:

I get my oils from the coolest gal named Cardin. Email her at [email protected] or on Direct Message on Instagram @theoilgeek if you are interested. She is a little badass and said that she would give a free Cedarwood Oil to any of you guys on your purchase. Just tell her Kelly sent ya!

Peace, love and oils y’all!





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