How To Make Your Makeup Look It’s Best In Pictures

Ain’t no shame in selfie game. Okkkkkaayyyy. Let’s be real, we all want to look our best in pictures. Some of the top questions I get asked as a makeup artist are regarding how to look better in pictures. So whether it’s a selfie or a group photo, here are my top tips for making your makeup look it’s best in pictures!

1. Fill in Your Eyebrows

I’m a broken record. I know. I say this SO much, but guys, it’s super important to fill in you eyebrows!! It is a game changer in pictures. It frames the face and draws in all of the features in to make them pop. To learn how to fill in your eyebrows, watch my how-to video here. My current favorite eyebrow pencil and brow gel below:


2. Lighting is everything

If you are taking a selfie, make sure to get near a window and face it with the camera in front of you. The light will brighten your face and make it glow. If you want to ALWAYS have good lighting, you could be like me and order a cell phone case that features selfie lighting. I know, I know. Judge me if you want…. and then go buy it by clicking the picture below ——->


3. Pat a clear gloss or chapstick into center of lips to make them look more full

Without going all Kylie Jenner, this is a simple trick to give the illusion of fuller lips on the fly and naturally. I like MAC’s Lipglass in ‘Clear’ for a gloss or just Aquaphor for some added moisture and shine.


4. Use a foundation that looks like your best skin yet

I am not a huge powder fan. It does help make up last longer, so if i use it I put a little bit under my eyes and in my T-zone. Since I don’t like powder, I like a foundation that looks like skin, but like really good, healthy, dewy, amazing skin. Lately I have been obsessed with Rodial Instaglam Skin Tint for this exact reason. Apply it with a damp beauty blender and head out the door. Bloop.


5. False Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are going to be the biggest power player in making a difference in your makeup for pictures. Lots a ladies are investing in lash extensions these days and love them. I personally do not like having extensions, some days I just like a more natural look. I’m weird that way. However, I think they look amazing and love when my clients have them because they look SO great on camera and make my job easier :). If you are like me and don’t want to invest in lash extensions, false lashes are an easy fix for a big night out or when you know you will have your picture taken. I love the look of individual lashes if you can apply them on yourself. They can be a bit tricky. Click the pics below to shop my favorite individual lashes, glue and a great, inexpensive strip lash that is easy to use.


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  1. Hi Kelly- thank you for all this information. One thing I’ve noticed in my pictures is my check bones sometimes have shadowy look. I’m not sure if it’s only due to lighting, or if my highlight, contour, blush applications aren’t right. Any tips or advice you think may help improve that?

    Thank you!

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