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Good afternoon and welcome back to Shit You Should Know.

Since Friday is usually Olivia’s fitness day, here’s a short workout—like really short—from the New York Times. Anyone can fit in a 7-minute workout. It takes me that long just to attach a sticky bra. So submit to seven minutes of abject misery, and then you can order queso with the shrimp quesadilla. Because you know what goes great with cheese? More cheese. (If this menu seems oddly specific, it’s because I’ve just mapped out my evening for you.)

No doubt you’ve heard already, but Donald Trump was caught on tape saying crude things about women 10 years ago. He has responded by dismissing it as “locker room talk.” As a result, this past week has been an unmitigated disaster for his campaign. It remains to be seen if the Trump Train can reverse course in the next few weeks.

Regardless, I think this tape raises an issue that is more important than this particular conversation or election, and that is:

Do we believe that women are just a sub-par modification of men? That women are weaker, dumber, and less capable? That women aren’t valuable for anything more than a pretty face or a hot body? That it is acceptable for them to be subjected to a man’s unsolicited and unwanted sexual whims? Or do we believe that women are people as deserving of dignity and autonomy as every man on earth?

Don’t forget to vote on November 8th. Find your voting location here.

Let’s move on to lighter subjects—like prostitution and beheadings. Chokers are in right now (stay with me here), but this “trend” dates back to the 90s, 70s, 40s AND 20s, and before that they were a mainstay during the Enlightenment. Red chokers were even worn after the French Revolution as a symbol of those who died in the guillotine. And, eventually, prostitutes started using black chokers in the 1800s to signal their availability to potential clients. Scandalous.

Shit. Did I just ruin chokers?

Happy Friday y’all! I’ll see you next week.


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